Dad to Get Colorful Goodbye With Ashes-Turned-Fireworks

James Carver will use his father's cremated remains in a pyrotechnic display to honor his memory.
1:31 | 10/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dad to Get Colorful Goodbye With Ashes-Turned-Fireworks
Me and my fairly my father was biggest life you know I mean he would he was. A man the love life and live life to the fallen. James carver will hold a memorial service for his father on Saturday complete with a fireworks show or S celebrate my father's life by. Using part of his remains and some fireworks. It turns out turning loved ones' ashes or creamy instant of fireworks is just one of many options Finley's hands to remember those who passed away all my father were. A huge fourth on the all Fannie was a veteran and patriot it's a unique way there's been more more people wanting their services to be unique what what makes. We'll makes mom or dad service standouts anybody we'll makes it special view that's what we wanted to if. Another option for families turning creamy loose into jewelry like this Bates glass pendant. It's a keepsake gets to be passed down from failing memory failing member. Many funeral homes now offer ways to incorporate small amounts of screenings into class artwork. You can see. The grainy minutes from the white material Clinton there. Also a way to remember your loved one without maybe being so obvious as having an earned sitting on the mantle. Midwest cremation and funeral services owner missy Blackwell says it's all about personal station in the options for families will continue to increase as cremation grows in popularity. It's not crazy year grows so people really are starting to be drawn to the colors and and the way that they can. Have that would send. Reporting in Springfield Rachel to proven he has PR news.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"James Carver will use his father's cremated remains in a pyrotechnic display to honor his memory.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26435790","title":"Dad to Get Colorful Goodbye With Ashes-Turned-Fireworks","url":"/US/video/dad-colorful-goodbye-ashes-turned-fireworks-26435790"}