Dallas federal court gun battle

Police shot and killed the suspect of an attempted shooting.
3:03 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Dallas federal court gun battle
We begin with that shooting Rampage in Dallas yesterday and gunmen wearing tactical gear. Opened fire outside of a federal courthouse in thankfully no one aside from the shooter was injured. But what is most terrifying beyond the event it's self. Is the footage of a photographer Tom Fox. Hiding in a corner steps away from the shooter with bullets flying past him the shooter never saw him things got so want to bring in Marcus Moore. Oh on the ground in Dallas mark is can you tell us what's happening with this investigation now. Well Kimberly good morning to the investigation does continue in this is the scene. Just behind me here outside the courthouse you still see the that there is law enforcement vehicles barely have a command post. It's only other side of the building were all of this took place. Or what about this same time yesterday. 8:40 in the morning people were just arriving here to began though the workweek when. All heck broke loose they heard the that the shooting how rapid gunfire. And I've since that time this area has been has been closed off and you can see what it looks like this morning. And you were talking about Tom Fox that that reporter but photographer with the Dallas morning news. The pictures he was able to capture. From that spot right next to the gunman were were were chilling. And that video we saw from a tenth floor apartment which is right across the street from the courthouse. Captured just how close he was to the gunman and caught in the crossfire. And he said that he is is so thankful that that gunman didn't see him because he believes if the twenty year old man now identified as Brian five had seen him. He believes he would have been shot and and and killed but in that video instead we see authorities say five shooting at the into the building you see just behind me here. At one when he runs across the strait. Into a parking lot and at that point is when I'll federal authorities were able to shoot. And killed him and as you mentioned Kimberley nobody else was hurt but now we have this investigation under way to try to figure out a motive and right now investigators don't know. Why Clyde may have targeted this building. They have been tracing his weapon and also trying to talk to people who knew him to get a sense of of why he may have done this. And I can tell you that the the WFAAR affiliate here in Dallas has spoken with people. Including neighbors. Who'll let live in the apartment complex where he apparently I was staying. And said that he was very quiet and back kept to himself but we haven't been able to glean much. At all about his background. Kabul we do know that he did serve in the military I have an infantryman from August when he fifteen. To February of 2017. And according to let WFAA has spoken with people who serve with him. He was discharged because he couldn't pass a physical tests so Kimberly a lot of unanswered questions but still people very thankful. That despite the hour this happened and all around that were fired nobody else was hurt. Yes a very very scary situation Marcus Moore right there in Dallas thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Police shot and killed the suspect of an attempted shooting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63787392","title":"Dallas federal court gun battle","url":"/US/video/dallas-federal-court-gun-battle-63787392"}