Dangerous heat remains across eastern US

Over 26 million people are at risk for severe weather Sunday.
1:44 | 07/19/20

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Transcript for Dangerous heat remains across eastern US
Rising temperatures across much of the country we have a few. A fires burning out west will start with Washington to show you work stuff is Bernie mirror this nail right along the oak and Ogden river gold rush targeted with a local. Aerial attack and one in Fresno Titus was bigger this one over 20000 acres but about 30% contained burning a public lands. Obviously a larger fire that and this one in Van Nuys and the LA valley. A brush fire yesterday after you sparked around 3 o'clock to make it the LL EPD headed. With or fire department hitter with all they had from the air but that aren't here's a heat wave it is building that big blue wage is not. Does not stand for cool this time rally got heat alerts out from Oklahoma all the way through New England. An excessive heat warning in some of those spots including in and around the Philadelphia area. Temperatures with the humidity will feel like 10. Four in Saint Louis 102 Indianapolis 106 this afternoon in Washington DC near 100 and in new York and Boston. As sub you know not a bad call that hit the beach in the water temperatures are becoming more palatable the Jersey Shore in the mid seventies mid eighties along the mid Atlantic analytical or and the west as is typical and pretty much bath water. Down there in the Gulf of Mexico that's check of the weather nationally time now for a look at your local forecast.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"Over 26 million people are at risk for severe weather Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71867706","title":"Dangerous heat remains across eastern US","url":"/US/video/dangerous-heat-remains-eastern-us-71867706"}