Dangerous wildfire breaks out in California

Thousands of acres have been burned by the fire, causing mandatory evacuations.
6:42 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Dangerous wildfire breaks out in California
All right we begin in Southern California ablaze with mandatory evacuations ordered late last night. After a dangerous wildfire broke out in part of the state it's hard. To imagine even looking at these images over 4000 acres scorched the fire coming right up to homes and power lines. And another fire yesterday afternoon wiping out almost 74 structures and a mobile park home. In Kalla mesa so want to bring in law will Carr who's right there in Porter ranch. Will good to see you you are geared up please tell us what's happening where you liar. So Kimberly odd this all broke out right before sunrise. This fire raced down. This double dot and I want to show you this home because we were standing right down the. All right I think we lost will right there and a if we and get him back we'll come back to him but I want to go to. A press conference that actually happened this morning about the entire situation so we'll take a listen to that first. These weather conditions. Are significant and turns of brush threats. The relative humidity has dropped down to as low as 3%. Right now it's 7%. The winds. Were sustained about twenty point 825 miles per hour with gusts over fifty miles per hour. So as you can imagine. The embers from the wind. Had been traveling a significant distance. Which causes another fire to start. In terms of fire activity we're at 0% containment. The size right now is 4700. Acres plus. We've calculated that the fire's moving at a rate of 800 acres per. Lower. All right so when actually bring in Alex Stone who's also an Porter ranch California. I'm they're on the ground Alex my know these the situation there is is dangerous so tell me what's happening where you are. Peter Gabriel yet he's an area right here where not borrow April well we're only a couple of hours ago we were seeing. Incredible. And activity right in his old bird. I'll blames the anti 109. People in the former ranger at. Big bear bait woke. Her. Or. Order. Or you were old. Like there their. There it out here around include. IRAs. And screen down here there's a little bit why are there. Here. I'd like. LA. Ago they were. I airline were putting water on this area. Are. Very good and right you're not. And have you been able to talk to any of the residents there it's it's it's pretty scary. They're scared and please abandon the bid was coming and they will re Al I think they're. And it hit or where we're at that point and smoking in. Our law in this area. Do. Nobody firefighter police me. Oral and they're right now a lot of wondering are there all they are they still standing. Tigers have been driving around that area. And fire a bit of flare up again. I didn't trigger and yeah damaged argument and have. I am not any. Of the ground. And there is vitamin enriched a lot of Gary. Holds Iran and a lot of it is. A lot of old cowering claims right behind. So much and I want to try to go back to will really quick to see if weekend get an idea of what's happening. With you there will are you there. Deck that really got it yes I got you. Okay felt. We are in Porter ranch what happened is right before sunrise today this fire both gone the winds were pushed. Both strongly that in inward trouble Providence now we were just standing right down the corner when it happened in that I'll win off. Like to match. Today Barbara forever jump on top of it but they really just had no chance that they did a fantastic job of actually saving all of the homes in the surrounding area. One day. Point outfield if if you want to know what a bad home that you think all of these trees in this area in California. There is a word that you should have 800 feet of defensible bag that means. 400 be around your home your supposed to clear all of the trees all the shrubs and everything that could go up in a wildfire likeness. You can see this film actually has trees pretty much leaning up against the walls of them all but that's an example of us exactly what you don't wanna do it can show just how quickly. These fires can go off now this in. Tiger area. Is under mandatory evacuation but some residents. I decided not to wave and it actually reported that one man of god here with the hope you watering down its house. You never having a heart attack that's an example of why first responders say when you need to go. Please get out because what happen is some of the fire crews. That we're in this neighborhood actually had to go help that and all is having a heart attack instead of being held to try to put the blame down somebody's home. One major issue as well as the nearby interstates. Are just completely bald because of this. 52 and everything they can't that opened up one plane ticket and actually turnaround but when the winds pick back up in the coming hours. If all people are stepped on those interstates we've seen in recent years. The types suppliers but didn't dance ride along the interstate all of jumped onto the interstate and possibly board some of those cars and that's another potentially. Dangerous situation in as a coffee. These winds are once again picking up we're and a red flag warning through the rest of the day so this could just be the beginning Campbell it. All right well and we hope everyone stay safe thank you for their airport thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Thousands of acres have been burned by the fire, causing mandatory evacuations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66215580","title":"Dangerous wildfire breaks out in California","url":"/US/video/dangerous-wildfire-breaks-california-66215580"}