Dangling 7-Ton Load Lowered From NYC Crane

Mechanical problem was at the same construction site where a crane collapsed after Superstorm Sandy.
1:51 | 10/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangling 7-Ton Load Lowered From NYC Crane
Major thoroughfare and -- tell when and back open this afternoon after was -- a promotion today. Because of crane mishap this situation -- -- the cranes with thirteen thousand pound load dangling precariously. Of -- west 57 street the drama on falling at the same high rise building. Or another crane collapsed during the height of super -- sandy. Eyewitness News reporter -- perfect that was seen in midtown with the very latest venture. And that's right date back to normal here on west 57 after six tense hours you see the sidewalk is open -- street is now open. At about 330 this afternoon that huge block that's exactly what it was a big cement block. Was lowered to the street with the bad weather rolling in they managed to do all of this just didn't high. The crane malfunction. Left a seven ton cement -- dangling in the air 400 feet above west 57 street. -- told workers were dismantling a huge crane at 157. West 57. When the mechanism jammed -- they were unable. To move the block up or down on the block is a counterweight to the crane which is why it was so heavy -- now. Police are forced to clear the street shut down -- they closed the F train station at 57 street they cut utility service. Because the water and steam lines run beneath the street -- if the block it come loose I'm told. It -- left a huge crater in the middle of the street but again. Repairs were made -- in the past nine even as the -- was safely slowly lowered to the street nobody injured. -- major disruptions here in midtown again west 57 street. Was shut down for virtually the entire day a lot of serious questions to actually -- -- -- outset. This was the same location where -- crane snapped in two during the super --

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{"id":20498414,"title":"Dangling 7-Ton Load Lowered From NYC Crane","duration":"1:51","description":"Mechanical problem was at the same construction site where a crane collapsed after Superstorm Sandy.","url":"/US/video/dangling-7-ton-load-lowered-nyc-crane-20498414","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}