In the Game with Danica Patrick

Robin Roberts sits down with the most successful woman in racing history.
5:52 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for In the Game with Danica Patrick
Very excited because they're going in the game. With Danica Patrick so hot right now it. Is like -- up. I just so happy for for you and all your success and on human handling everything and what I think about how you started off. Go cards with your sister and now you're the most successful woman and and racing history a lot of people I don't know how in the world. The that happened how to do it. You know I think the first thing that it starts way this is. Passion for something it starts with. You know having fun at something and you have to really enjoy it be able to have. The dedication and commitment that it takes to get to the top of of any thing you think you've changed. Racing and all. I guess I would say that. Women in racing as far as being really successful on a consistent basis. Someone to be able to do it for them you know didn't need someone to show that it can happen and you can. Run really well run with the guys and be very competitive and run up front. Also trying be that person. What do you tell especially young women who want to go into a field latest not racing. But they don't see someone who looks like themselves like you did what are you tell them. How -- can they achieve their goals like you have with the years. -- most important things that you found something that you really -- to do passion yet you have to have a you have to be really honest with yourself you know don't let. You know don't let Stanley -- But look I'm not going to be basketball player let's just face said he -- I am not the one disposal. -- some mean plot doesn't mean point -- in grade school but I was not controlled away. NBA for you know don't know I just -- and I would've looked like an anti out there is so. You know you have to be realistic about your what your abilities are and then to not be afraid of what's different about you. I mean obviously what's different about me in the sport has made all the difference and been. You know what I'm very much known for so to embrace that and and -- Atlantis set your partner such you far from. From what you really are. We ask people. Unnamed. ESP NW FaceBook and Twitter and asked them. Their followers to ask you questions. I want to ask you feel them one of them -- Katie. And she says you're the first time as a child you were told you couldn't do something because of being a girl. I think tank Europe and in generation island that didn't say those kinds of things until I mean. I don't doubt that. People doubted me but don't say that than ever sent to -- You're very lucky. Whether I just ignore him on the really share but not work -- elective hearing. Another question from -- It's not racing what other sport would you have wanted to play and pursue -- -- My. Clients. -- there's one here. In this what what kind of music -- -- country now. And I was so. -- stubborn about listening to -- Because growing up my dad would never listen to it and he said he owes his look at Milliken has no horse and it's -- the -- so you -- It is you know we like our parents and -- didn't IndyCar first probably because that's what we watched growing apple will racing self. Anyway and then -- and -- and listening to I am now outside of the -- heart and soul. He really I can understand all of exactly like what we haven't opening and our summer concerts heroes showed just couldn't get back could be what snacks -- I well I'll be singing from the audience. The first time I did something -- the passion play fourteen years old. To see where you are now and to the the spotlight you've been under the microscope. That you've been under and the fortitude that you have to stay true to who you are are -- -- want to do how can you help other people. Who wanted to who want to do the same thing that they have what they feel may be on realistic but they wanna do that. Paul never really is it feel -- -- limit ourselves by our own sort of expectation levels or other peoples so. I think our potential is so vague if we can just stream bank you know just. -- asked yourself with you -- do anything in the whole world what with that job be and then say it and go what. And you Communists say that's actually possible I probably couldn't did but I've been very fortunate to just be able to be. Really honest and everything I've done and it's. Confidence. And know that it's not for every one. But it is -- so at least if you are yourself people can respect that they might not like everything that you do but at least they can respect that you're staying -- Well said my friend. Thank you for stepping in. In the game yeah. I got -- -- gave -- contacting like that. They can get anything yeah --

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{"id":19448019,"title":"In the Game with Danica Patrick","duration":"5:52","description":"Robin Roberts sits down with the most successful woman in racing history.","url":"/US/video/danica-patrick-interview-robin-roberts-game-successful-woman-19448019","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}