Daughter of Slain Deputy Gets Touching Wedding Surprise

Kirsten Mundell was moved when her late-father's friends stepped in for the father-daughter dance.
1:58 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for Daughter of Slain Deputy Gets Touching Wedding Surprise
There's no or human about it. It is among the most important days of a woman's life and among the proudest any parent could wishful what are some charitable arm and other parent are so is Kirsten Mandell reminisces about her dad and the day six years ago his life was taken in the line of duty she also talks about the difficulty of planning her wedding day. And you weddings and pig tail and. Not having my dad there's a lot harder. For all of us. She knew she had to make it special knew that he had to have a seat at the wedding. Right there in the for. Front row Emmons a lot knowing that we were able to save a spot for him. And knowing that I at fault him there I knew he was there. The back of her wedding dress was another tribute the thin blue line that symbolizes so much in the law enforcement community in was however what Kirsten did not plan that no one there will forget. The father daughter dance Don Jones the family friend who walked her down the aisle started it then. Well you just watch. And listen. Story in our dancing in all of a sudden someone tops on the initial answers my head and he. And I was shocked I didn't know how to react how to respond and he said something he said there's a whole line of us and racing so that is in the next officer had an. I just let I just broke down. And who else wouldn't I mean there wasn't a drier dryer and room and mean and photographers prior it was moving not just because of this young woman in the support she was getting but. Also the loss still cuts deep crushed everybody that knew cannon and desist and we but everybody that between noon and you know people he probably going to want to twice and the people who knew Kent Montel for years. Leave the rest of us with a lesson life continues. But in some ways it dozen. People need to know that their families' lives go on but they're still affected by every day and mean another all his or her means diet. If banging them never thought condition. The bus weddings prize ever.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Kirsten Mundell was moved when her late-father's friends stepped in for the father-daughter dance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33950941","title":"Daughter of Slain Deputy Gets Touching Wedding Surprise","url":"/US/video/daughter-slain-deputy-touching-wedding-surprise-33950941"}