Daughter of slain homeless man: Killer 'doesn't deserve' freedom

James Lewis was shot and killed while he was sleeping under a bridge in Las Vegas.
2:03 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for Daughter of slain homeless man: Killer 'doesn't deserve' freedom
I have so many questions. And my -- it's question is one. Why would somebody do this wireless my cat homes why didn't he contact me. If he had any issue moves our you know I don't care for those drugs alcohol mental. Out of a 100%. In the detectives. A lot of people want things that are homes that's what they want to. And so circles another. Why would he won that. When he and it's kings and grandkids and you know. Mom and dad still alive Brothers nieces and nephews and cousins. It's like why me. Absolutely human stories. As much as I needed to try to find him and it incumbent with anything. East ocean it took his life he still should be here today regardless if he's homeless or not I went and talked. A lot of books about six homeless people like to down where my dad with Q. They're very sweet but very loving. There are humans just like you on nine does because we might have a roof over kids and there's isn't that life is still repressions. If expecting that life is more precious beacons. They have to fight harder to survive on an 88 eighths that's the little things we take for granted. Alone. They don't it. Helen and will be arrested and spend the rest of his life you know. He doesn't deserve to have freedom since he keeps taken the people's lives. And it just seems like he's OK with that and that's not that's not OK I'm not okay with at all. Tying and crane. That he is caught. I'm praying that he doesn't kill anybody else or even injure anybody else I don't want anyone to go through what I am going to me and my fan.

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{"id":52914596,"title":"Daughter of slain homeless man: Killer 'doesn't deserve' freedom","duration":"2:03","description":"James Lewis was shot and killed while he was sleeping under a bridge in Las Vegas.","url":"/US/video/daughter-slain-homeless-man-killer-doesnt-deserve-freedom-52914596","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}