Dead Girl's Diary Leads to Suspect

Clues in 15-year-old Candice Parchment's diary led to Marshae Hickman's arrest.
1:18 | 11/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dead Girl's Diary Leads to Suspect
Kathy and -- it tells me she found her daughter Candace parchment diary while moving last month. In it the fifteen year old had written the names of two older teens apparently they put her into the house. And -- to -- -- -- tells me that teens threatened her daughter and that's where the fifteen year old never reported the incident but she wrote about it. -- hit -- diary over to police who found my shape Hickman in the Clayton county jail on a burglary charge according to this affidavit nineteen year old Hickman confessed to strangling parchment and hiding her body under a mattress -- -- -- Behind an apartment complex on Sylvia drive. It's been slow going here it's -- -- -- years. -- pin it. And so it. -- it still does not know why her daughter left home the night of April 28. She told me she remembers the last time she saw her as they said good night. That's -- less than maximum. Months feminine soft and movements -- can. In hindsight -- tells me she would have gone through her -- things immediately if she had known about the diary. When asked about -- -- Hickman she still wants to know why she also wants him to know what he's taken. Probably never pet -- -- I would never get don't have -- its contractual Harrison Wuxi united woman she would have been --

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{"id":14932361,"title":"Dead Girl's Diary Leads to Suspect","duration":"1:18","description":"Clues in 15-year-old Candice Parchment's diary led to Marshae Hickman's arrest.","url":"/US/video/dead-girls-diary-leads-to-murder-suspect-14932361","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}