6 dead, including 4 children, in New York City blaze

The deaths were all part of one family.
3:40 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for 6 dead, including 4 children, in New York City blaze
And breaking news in Manhattan a fire claiming the lives of six people including. Four children. And this fire happened overnight and a public housing building in Harlem a live look from news copter seven firefighters calling this an accident. We have two reports from the scene let's get an update from Eyewitness News reporter Candice the calacanis. Potentially we're asserting he hears stories about that Stanley of six and lived in this fifth floor apartment that you can see where the fire just ripped through this morning one. Resident here telling me that one of the children gave her. Flowers just the other day ahead a Mother's Day but we have citizen that video showing what fire crews found when they got six point 441 Adam Clayton boulevard the latter was around 1:45 this morning people inside. We're sleeping saying that they were alerted that something was wrong by alarms and knocks from neighbors on their doors heavy flames coming from. That this sort apartment one apartment where that family at six lived and could not make it ounce. The many who live in the snaked around buildings saying that they had to run up the smoky spears won't the only. Saying that they had his scheme beginning down the fire escape with the help of fire crews. I heard echoed loud boom that's what woke me up and then open a villain and an eighty speed by you while you you became down the backfires he. But he couldn't hold on the latter's that until the fight a formidable he was in the back in May vocal Wendell. And they bone that's in the front. He and just moments ago we side this group that that people who lived in this building they were gathered around in his circle. They were praying for their neighbors to a lost their lives here this morning you have the Red Cross here. Assisting the dozens of people who are outside of this building while the crews finish their work up inside here now Diana Rocco is also here live on scene this morning with more from an official Sana. Yeah Candice this has just been devastating we have a learn has learned this morning that is a mother and her four young children ages 3681011. That died here this morning along with another family member who lived here investigators are on the scene the fire Marshal is just arrived. And you can see them going through that apartment where the fire started this morning fire officials are looking at a burner. That may have been left on on the stove overnight in the kitchen as a cause to all of this. The family members were all found. Back bedroom there's two bedrooms in the fifth floor corner unit. The nine mom won't call came in at about 1:40 this morning it took the fire department three minutes to arrive on scene. This isn't nights at buildings listen that video showing smoke coming from beginning and I want long call came in from a neighbor who lived on the sixth. Across the street and saw fire shooting out of all of the windows of the apartment it took a hundred firefighters. About an hour to bring the flames under control the fire commissioner says when they got to the 45 year old woman. The 33 year old man in the four children inside. It was too late units were met at the door of that of Foreman would fire. The entire apartment. Was involved. They aggressively moved in extinguishing the fire as they did when they reach the two rear bed rooms. We found six occupants of that apartment. Deceased. So tragically six people lost their lives here this morning be youngest. Just three years old all members of the same family three other people did suffer. Minor injuries the fire started in the kitchen of this fifth floor unit fire investigators say while all of this is under investigation right now. It does look accidental I live in Harlem on Diana Rocco channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The deaths were all part of one family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62898589","title":"6 dead, including 4 children, in New York City blaze","url":"/US/video/dead-including-children-york-city-blaze-62898589"}