3 Dead in Louisiana Movie Theater Shooting

Conditions of those injured range from non-life-threatening to critical, police said.
4:46 | 07/24/15

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Transcript for 3 Dead in Louisiana Movie Theater Shooting
With people watching a comedy quickly turns to tragedy after a gunman stands up and starts far investigators say three people are dead including the gunman nine others wounded. The victims ranging from teenagers to people in their sixties and a look at that scene right now this is alive outside the theater in Lafayette Louisiana still an active scene this evening. Authorities had been busy and at this hour they continue their investigation. Including a part of this has been exploding suspicious packages that they found in the suspected shooters car and there were also stories of heroism already emerging including a teacher. Who warned others about the shooting we now get more from ABC's bossy cannot. And. This Louisiana movie theater comedy easily ended in a war when police say a man stood up twenty minutes of the film and opened fire. More than a hundred people inside ran. I hope that the people teenagers mainly running out to run for their lines and we saw a lady with let all of her legs. I just got my town that mean this already and. Officers near the greatest sixteenth theater moved in immediately. Or officers. Entered this DA or to engage the shooter. They did hear shots being fired at that time. The gunman killed two people and injured another line before turning the gun on himself. Police are not yet releasing his identity but say he was a 58 year old white male. Louisiana's governor calls one of his victims a teacher. He broke even though she was shot Alexia the presence of mind of all the fire alarm to help save other lives. The moviegoers were watching the comedy train wreck the film star Amy Schumer treated. My heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Louisiana. The mass shooting in Lafayette on the same date jurors decided they will not rule out the death penalty for James Holmes. The gunman in another movie theater massacre three years ago in a roar Colorado but -- ninety ABC news. Washington. ABC news for Entergy necessary is actually on the scene just outside of that theater she's joining us now on the phone. Gina we know that the entire scene may be over right now the situation but what can you tell us we know the investigation is only be getting right now. What have you been witnessing in the past few hours. Well as we drove in the town there were already signs will muck along many of the businesses. Our thoughts are prayers go with the wounded and I actually don't shop at this at this movies Peter she is a very somber scene here. It's still a very active investigation. You know this suspicious package inside archer and that's the I think cops went back cars then checked and that's clear now and what they're still. Trying to figure out what happened here and what the motive applause. So while it may be hoping morning which is still very busy active police investigation. And do you talk about what the motive might have been but they're also trying to piece together exactly who was this guy as wordy possibly. Was not from the area they're not telling us the identity know the name he's 58 year old white guy but still. Was he a local guy. Such blatant they're not released who haven't mentioned trucks. We do have a bombs choirs completed their work. It will take sported six hours more to them to process each photograph to stage the Shubert help Mikey but they haven't given us with names such. They just say he's 58 year old white male ski does have an extensive criminal history that's pretty much all it told fox. Margin since area on the scene force we thank you so much for that will continue to check in we appreciate you this morning checking in. From the scene for us and Ian horrific scene as it is there in Lafayette Louisiana has plea the place that. Families go to and there watching a comedy simple things and we do know also that some of the victims have been released from the hospital. But at least one critically injured moving below is in surgery overnight to other people inside a theater say it was. All we are quiet at first no screaming you by the gunman all the patrons who quickly headed for the exits one witness saying he helped the injured teacher. Who pulled that fire alone. At that point everything was still pretty cool. Or got out well about the exit door late one and I'll bring you do away from the very get away from the building he can't comment. And that's when things started cutting didn't attend patriotic people wrong and then moving train on army lawyer round. The usual comment out. It collapsed C a shot later. Police say the shooter had no relationship to anyone inside the theater and was actually sitting alone. And be sure to stay with us here at ABC news these developments continue to come in to us about this deadly theater shooting we have live team coverage. A lot more that coming your way on Good Morning America.

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{"id":32657763,"title":"3 Dead in Louisiana Movie Theater Shooting","duration":"4:46","description":"Conditions of those injured range from non-life-threatening to critical, police said.","url":"/US/video/dead-louisiana-movie-theater-shooting-32657763","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}