Eight dead as storms move east from Texas to Ohio

There is a new severe weather alert as millions across the country brace for another round of dangerous storms.
2:53 | 04/15/19

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Transcript for Eight dead as storms move east from Texas to Ohio
I right as I wanna start with the weather because the spring weather is quite unpredictable. Powerful storms swept across the south this weekend. With tornadoes and flooding. That left eight people dead so I want to bring in Marcus Moore and also Texas markets. While Kimberly good morning this is a look at some of the damage we've seen here in Cherokee county Texas east. Powerful winds you see here tearing down the wall at this apartment building here I'm there with three people inside when this happened had they managed to call on the front door. And they were unhurt and they're thankful to be alive this morning and this is seen that we've seen. Repeated across this region where northeast Texas. In the community and alto Texas which is of an area that actually saw two tornadoes. About an hour apart. And that was something we heard from people who were here at the time that one the first tornado came through around noon on Saturday they thought things were done. Well little did they know. At that time that there would be another more powerful tornado that would come through and caused this damage and also claim at least one life. Here in Cherokee county. Then we know that two children in a nearby community south of here. Closer to Lufkin. Two children passed away when a tree fell on to their family's car just just a terrible terrible thing there were eight M and three years old. And their parents survive. But certainly. This is an example of how dangerous. These storms can be. And how then does this storm has been not only causing destruction widespread destruction here in Texas but also creating severe weather to the east in Louisiana. And also Mississippi where two more people a sadly passed away as a result of this storm. And we seen pictures of flash flooding in Mississippi where people had to be rescued after their issue be ended up in a ditch. And they called 911 for helping you can hear them the fear and and the panic as they were making that call thankfully. Almost two people who were rescued. Are okay and this storm system has continued to march its way in charge is way up to the northeast as you know prompting. How severe weather warnings and also tornado warnings and in the northeast in the Philadelphia area. And him Manhattan. That area also seeing severe weather earlier today so. Of this storm system has been massive has also had a huge impact offer millions of people all across this region and the country. And back here is in Texas they are just beginning the process of trying to clean up. They're going to be a turn down this apartment building you see behind me here as they try to our recover. From this devastating storm Kimberly. Just an incredible scene out here and heartbreaking as well with so many people are thankful. That they are safe. Thank you Markus yeah absolutely heartbreaking and where we're hoping everyone is okay.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"There is a new severe weather alert as millions across the country brace for another round of dangerous storms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62408772","title":"Eight dead as storms move east from Texas to Ohio","url":"/US/video/dead-storms-move-east-texas-ohio-62408772"}