Deadly Shooting at Pittsburgh Psych Hospital

Two dead, several injured at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.
2:10 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Deadly Shooting at Pittsburgh Psych Hospital
I'm gonna first share with you. What we know. At approximately. 140 this afternoon. A gunman entered. The front door at western site. At this time there are two confirmed deaths. One believed to be the shooter. He entered the building with two firearms. It appears at this point that he acted alone. There were seven others that were wounded this afternoon at western site. I will introduce doctor Don Huey when -- complete. And he will give an update on their condition. They're still on active scene up at western -- as we speak. Our crews are. A methodically going through. The building. To make sure that every floor is cleared and every room. Is cleared. Obviously at this point the investigation is also. Ongoing. I'm not gonna turn it over to doctor Don -- -- who is the chief of emergency medicine at UP MC to update you on. The seven other wounded. Individuals today. Thank you mayor appreciate the introduction. It's a sad time to actually have Ted spread news like this. The you can see presbyterian university hospital is the -- busiest trauma center in -- commonwealth Pennsylvania and one of the disease emergency departments. And this is what we are here for and what we're prepared for. Today we cared for seven patients who presented with a variety of injuries. One patient was taken fairly promptly from the emergency and trauma center to the operating room and is now in the intensive care unit. Two others where actually evaluated and released. The remaining patients will be admitted. At least three of those -- -- -- operations over the next twelve to 24 hours. Expect all who presented. To the hospital to survive and do well. That care was expedited by teams of emergency physicians trauma physicians nurses. And social workers who work can do what they do every day and -- accidentally. And a very narrow and compressed time --

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{"id":15880992,"title":"Deadly Shooting at Pittsburgh Psych Hospital","duration":"2:10","description":"Two dead, several injured at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.","url":"/US/video/deadly-shooting-pittsburgh-psychiatric-hospital-15880992","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}