Deadly tornadoes hit Southeastern Alabama

Rescue operations are underway after tornadoes rip through region, killing at least 23 people.
3:15 | 03/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly tornadoes hit Southeastern Alabama
We want to start an Alabama where 36 tornadoes have ripped through towns killing at least 23 people. Rick Scott isn't your guard Alabama which some of the worst damage we're seeing it there in this video and break till. What are some of the things it you're seeing there are on the ground. K there's Stephanie we'll just look kind of is the closest we could possibly get to the damage here that. Police have blocked this area off to initiate search and rescue its search and rescue teams. Here in the cities and just great here behind me to you can see the lion of folks waiting to get in here we seen. Propane and gas and oil companies come by leasing emergencies crew come you can see some of IB emergency crews coming right now. All to initiate and continue the search and rescue efforts here. End you know this just catastrophic. In the damage at this year and search and rescue finger continue to look for survivors after a 160 mile per hour tornado ripped through the county last night. This sheriff told us that every single piece of rubble will be gone through until everyone is it how. The entire state of Alabama is. Under a state of emergency right now in the National Weather Service. Asked him from a trip that that the tornado was asked three and that same storm carried powerful winds through parts of Georgia South Carolina. And fla. President trump also commented on its between ended today he tweeted today saying that FEMA has been. Told directly by him to give eight plus treatment says that a great state of Alabama as he says and obviously sharing his condolences. For those that have been facing this catastrophic damage here and and then it just here we can kind of didn't get an idea just off into the distance I did see one above homes that was completely flat line complete damaged. But all of the damage is centralized in one area it seems. You know the shares told ABC news little bit earlier today that. Most of those people who died more than twenty people that died all were in one square mom I don't. Of each other so you could just see that while there may be damages down the road over here are some of these homes made it out okay. And as you were driving down here just today on the side of the road I'm I did see a few dead animals one dead dog. Again search and rescue crews are looking and searching they say they will continue to dig through every single piece of the rubble until everyone is accounted for Stephanie. Unbelievable damage there Rachel and now that it's daylight we know authorities are. Able to see concern areas where they couldn't see overnight and of course I can imagine their main concern right now is to. Fine to those people that are unaccounted for. Yes that's that's correct in that was part of the problem right when this tornado ripped through this area last night it was dark. And so this morning shares shares shares that he had drones flying overhead with special technology heap technology to try and spot. Any survivors to try and spot any bodies that again this is a complete hands on effort here as the president said he told FEMA to give this their full attention. And search and rescue efforts will continue here. This town. All right Rachel thank you so much for that report live from here or guard Alabama.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Rescue operations are underway after tornadoes rip through region, killing at least 23 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61459412","title":"Deadly tornadoes hit Southeastern Alabama","url":"/US/video/deadly-tornadoes-hit-southeastern-alabama-61459412"}