The Death of George Floyd: Day 8 recap of Derek Chauvin's trial

A recap of the key moments from the eighth day of the murder trial.
15:55 | 04/07/21

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Transcript for The Death of George Floyd: Day 8 recap of Derek Chauvin's trial
From ABC news life. The death of George floor Jerry show been on trial. Good evening I'm Terry Moran Dave page of the trial of Derek Shelton for the killing of George Floyd has concluded that there was a day when jurors eyes glazed over to be honest that times. Says there's a lot of prosecution testimony about the nitty gritty of this investigation who collected the evidence when and how they did it why jurors can have confidence and it. But there were also a couple of key moments. They've got to the issue at the heart of this case did former police officer Derek show and use excessive force unreasonable force. When he pushed his knee down on George Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes. Very technical evidence about how the evidence was gathered and and what that drug evidence. Reveals. But they did hear some evidence today. About the act itself that is at the heart of this the knee on the neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds. They are some extremely technical testimony today and it'll be up to this jury to piece it all together. After all of those witnesses take the stand for the state. And for the defense before the state it was all about those witnesses who were crime scene investigators. Agents with the bureau of criminal. Apprehension that state investigative unit here in the state of Minnesota that was called right to that scene at 38 and Chicago on May 25. After George Boyd who was. After George boy died. And we know that when it comes to those agents they got what right to work but we know that some of the work with mess as well. And that's because as one witness testified on the stand today. Com that she didn't have all the information and so there were motions before this trial started that said that. Crime scene investigators actually mess. Drug evidence. Inside the SUV. Besides those Ford SUV hand inside the patrol vehicle. What we found out that it was actually a crime scene investigators that they didn't have all of the information and ended the state requested them to go back and search later in the year. And then the defense have to go back in search the other vehicle. And during both those searches they found drugs they also found a lot of DNA evidence from George boarding their a lot of blood. And so that we know that there was. Two burns with a video shows which it with a violent scene in the back of that patrol vehicle after they try to get him in there there was some resistance committee was pulled out. And we know what we've seen on that video that officers. Including their children right there with that in the on the net George voice so again yes carry it got pretty technical but it was very important testimony. About the chain of custody about the investigative work that was done. In the minutes hours after of that deadly encounter and also the months leading up to this trial. And early in the day Kenneth we did hear from that prosecution expert witness Jodi Steiger sergeant with the LAPD. Over 28 years walked to Minneapolis a very rare. Rarer. Anything Indian these kinds of cases where police officers are on trial for the use of force that another police officer come for another jurisdiction. As an expert witness and he didn't talk about. What he believes there are children they did he call that the use of excessive force and had also talked about. Exactly why it's that the jurors through his analysis talk a little bit about this witness. This LAPD officers tiger really came with the qualifications there and you list them all and Matthews mentioned decades of experience here. The talking about use of force as well. And he is that third party observer. And he hasn't strong testimony before the state. And the defense tried to challenge that as well we know that when he came decider it was another visual testimony. From his outside expert and the defense really tried to raise doubt about. This witness by saying that look. He is not a Minneapolis police officer he with a framed by Minneapolis police he didn't have all of the evidence. All of the information for his analysis as well. But he went through it pretty methodically with the statement here Nelson with the defense he tried to establish that show like any other. Reasonable police officer in his praise their regional police officer. A ride on messing with a heightened sense of awareness about. The six foot plus tall suspect possibly high on drugs Nelson arguing that show but actually didn't use as much force to control Floyd. As he was allowed under MTV policy he didn't use the gun on heating of the taser but Nelson years tiger there to once again try to go through that video. And show the show went on top of Floyd where was his need for this and where was that on his back what the between his shoulder blades and so we talked a lot about early on in the day about the position. Show principal write me there as that they used to stagger for that as well beside her. During that prosecution a lot of questioning saying outright that fact he's a force was totally unnecessary. To take a listen to while. How he can reduce this Rambo vs Connor factors as 1989 Supreme Court this. This out really standard that police departments across this country use when it comes to use of force and how much force can be used Powell Canadian professor. I listen to this testimony to have about him talking about the factors. Here used in this server employed case. He burns who. In as the first actor of the severity of the crime issue. That changed during that restrict your. You know the crimes so. Is important possession of a fake twenty dollar bill. Related focused and on the second factor. Daddy is whether mr. flaw in pose an immediate threat. To receive TV officers or others at the time during the restraint period. You know he didn't and why. Because he was in the composition. He was handcuffed. He was not a continue to resist he was not attempting to. Up to solve the officers kick punch or anything of that nature. If you heard communicated intent to do so. You know I think hearing me fertilization of any threats towards the officers. Did he ever indicating whether or not he had the ability so. Sooner. Again the defense there arguing that. When it comes to those three Graham factors that officers need to consider. Com that the use of force is about totality of the circumstances and that's how the defense there tried to challenge tiger. Just might save the prosecution on a day when jurors were looking. Presumptive to grasp onto because so much of it was about the evidence and how it came into the custody and why jurors Carolina can't moan has always every day. Out in front account courthouse in Minneapolis thanks very much we'll be right back. Welcome back to his visit our coverage of the trial Derek Shelton for the killing of George Floyd the city of Minneapolis the country in the world awaiting. This trial and its verdict and there you see the corner. Chicago avenue and 38 street now renamed. By the people of that neighborhood and and that city not formally but informally George Floyd squared UC NN how it has become. Monuments to George Floyd and to the cause that his death. Who lit up across this country and across the war that is the panda. African flag flying above. This makeshift. Monument that that has been erected by the people there that is a flag that. Has been used in the past as a as an affirmation of the African roots of so many Americans and so many people in the African DS for a around the world. This trial really. Part of a much larger story of course but it remains trial and so beyond a reasonable doubt prosecutors are trying to who have prove that Derek showman. Through the unlawful use of force. It led dig into the death of George Floyd had me on the neck and I want to bring in our trial lawyer Robert cello and Robert I do want to play something for you first and get your. Guy. Analysis of what happened here so one of the things that Derek children's defense lawyer Eric Nelson has tried to do is play snippet. One of the body cam videos. And on which. George Floyd can be heard to say something it's hard to make it out Erica Nelson suggested to one of the witnesses. Did what Floyd was saying was I ate too many drugs. And then the prosecutors came back they plated for a witness. And they said Floyd saying something very different indeed let's take a listen first to those two sections. Of testimony today. And did you attempt understand. And hear. What various parties were saying at various times. Yes. Do you did you ever hear mr. Floyd to say. I'd be too many drugs. Going to. Publishes it 1007. I'm gonna ask you sir listen to mr. Floyd's course. Okay. Yeah. Did you hear a dude you're mr. Freud's I hate to many journalists news Herring heard in context. Here motel. What was reported as saying then. Williams blues thing I came to notre. A little different than what you were passing saw. Or are dead and that is a remarkable. Clash between the two lawyers between. I defense Claire Nelson prosecutor Matthew frank there and I wonder about the risk Erica Nelson just took what the jury. Where it is possible that that did some jurors might think now he's trying to put words in this man's mouth because that the witness upon hearing again said. And who knows really what he's saying it certainly did difficult to make out the knees and I ain't doing no drugs. Jerry. Again let's imagine being in a courtroom with the witness and follow us you know we are border crossing home when it's. We know what that witness has more urgency for. And we journalists move where rooms and video and the witness. Shares slipped. And then we ask that question. Does this sound like. That would give him the answer. There's a can't Armitage. Reality that happens its arms like this humor here action seals and blacks are more and this is us some. In the courtroom here to witness. Yes I was like description offered. The risk. Nelson's chase there kids. Extraordinary. Because if it does go right to our what you're asking us in certain genes. He's Nelson me credible. Is he try and sue me suggests. We're under we can saw what she should friendship or data isn't very. Dangerous move to me now that the jurors are personal. You're gonna react. What the prosecution redirect you saw the bears and Wesson won't solve. Nelson's crosses home where she. Indirect six is the problem there could be some sour Jason jurors' mouth about where Nelson's decision. And and it was about a risky. Thing to do it seems to be given Howell how difficult that is to make out what that man in such distress is saying that we talked about. What we heard today a great deal of testimony. About did drugs that were found in George Floyd's car. Hi it's such it's such a hard issue obviously. For the prosecution. How do you think it did it plays for jurors to hear ya that there was methamphetamine that there was fentanyl that there were all these. Drugs found. Not just it's through the autopsy on George Floyd but in the in the car in which he was driving. So there's a Freres and comes to mind you know when trial there is no perfect word there's no perfect person. Therefore there's no cause intestinal. There's no perfect evidence. There's a social structure and song who try basis search all this is a loss offs. What the prosecution will hold a comfortable with news this case since folks this is the truth. Unfortunately there are millions of sharks are George war you're. Wasn't all he knows who else Bob Jordan news. The question before us so let's remember how want. Its second degree murder the question Asians. Did your children. Gillibrand. Or murder a man who deserve it. The question is did he actually murder or George Schwartz and let them learn. Before we lose ourselves and when treatment here. Friendly single grandma someone's getting arrested for errands and assistant and their readings who directs its. So that the prosecution is their focus there's less murder innocent where it. This notion of George mourn his cultural war the man whose art beautiful money wouldn't shop beginning opening its who were resistant. It's not as advertised. And she did they sheets and that the substance being so that won't have been sincere. Who George for it is they Morris. In months Wilson jurists who really sing what are. Remember when he shows hoosiers. Didn't all those jurors who say in who ordered what we were really made their minds about what happened some didn't you can see you have been so when. No gnashing so well now. So surely there are seen as an extension of the personal. And that's a risk but the defense is Satan concerns armored both sides of this and hollering and challenging manner so she connects. And it is a social truth in deed at what one. Did so many families have been touched by George Floyd is not on trial. He dealt with the struggle that had so many millions of Americans and people around the world have as well and and that is part of this case as well. Robin to Joseph it's always great to have you thanks for being with us your experience there. We've been watching ABC news lives gavel to gavel coverage of the trial of Derek Shelton will have a complete wrap up of today's events on ABC news live prime with Lindsey Davis tonight at 7 PM and 9 PM eastern and will see you back here tomorrow. Tomorrow morning when the court resumes until then I'm Terry Moran thanks for joining us have a good you. This has been a special. From ABC news.

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