The Death of George Floyd: Jury begins deliberations in Derek Chauvin's trial

A recap of the key moments from the closing arguments of the murder trial.
6:16 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for The Death of George Floyd: Jury begins deliberations in Derek Chauvin's trial
From ABC news life. The death of George will Jerry show opened on truck. Fairly historically have a judge Peter. That I thought he addressed it appropriately while the prosecution was. Delivering its rebuttal to a jury of course the prosecution had issues with the defense isn't. Their interpretation. The connection of will include the law is and causation. And they clarified. On their part that's why they get a rebuttal whenever again Dan Abrams. I declare find both points in the first of all Dan what you just turned their from the defense is that gonna go anywhere. You know I mean this is closing arguments very different from the opening statement. We have to be a little more careful. These are arguments. That's it they're making they're making an argument they're saying here's what we believe the evidence shows or doesn't show we think that there are misinterpreting the evidence etc. Happens all the time in closing arguments. The notion that somehow this is subject for a mistrial to frivolous argument. And the central theme of that rebuttal from the prosecution danys that day what they had to do their responsibility. Was to show that the defends its action putting a need to George Floyd's neck was a substantial. Also factor in George Floyd stepped not the only factor. But a substantial causal factor any said causation is so simple you need only look at the nine year old girl who testified. Get off and that's what she said at the scene and and she testified. To the same sentiments saying I was sad. I was kind of map with what I saw. And I think that was an important clarification. In this remodel a case coming from the prosecution has to say. First of all they got the law wrong on. Whether it. Can be one of a number of things at which the answer is yes it can be a number of things as long as their children's actions. We're substantial cause for then he went on to rule out. The other causes to say this is why this isn't relevant this is why that isn't relevant and I think he made another very important point which is to say. The defense kept referring to what a reasonable officer wouldn't do. And they would presume that Derek children's actions were that of a reasonable officer. And you heard prosecutor Blackwell their 60 what why don't we presume that his actions a reasonable when we're watching conduct. That the prosecutors say is unreasonable. Final point here defense I think. Missed an opportunity in going through the law at the end of their closing argument meaning the three charges. One of the defense's best hopes here is potentially for a manslaughter conviction instead of murder or at least the debate amongst the jurors between those charges etc. And I think by not going through some of the details they're not sort of encouraging the jurors to it the least. Move away from the murder charges I think if they missed an opportunity. Our Dan Abrams where this all day long Dan thank you let's bring in sunny Austin for a final thought here before we wrap up also an ABC news legal analyst co host. Of the view and a former prosecutor herself and as setting the central theme they're from prosecutors even write have been through their rebuttal. Is you can believe your eyes Jerry Blackwell said that it during opening statements he said it began during the final. Word from the prosecution you can believe your eyes it was what you thought it was it was a homicide. Which is what the medical examiner had said. And it seems the central theme from the defense today was. You have to take into account what came before the nine minutes 29 seconds one officer show been. A ride due to witness there at the scene what he had heard before he was initially dispatched. Time to take into account what happens. In addition to what they have seen at home and whether or not that works for the jury remains to be seen in the end. How effective were both sides today. A Pulitzer. Prosecution is asking the jury to do what I asked jurists do every time they went into the jury room and that is to take their common sense. With then the video here. Is the strongest piece of evidence I've ever seen. Any case against a police officer in this case the prosecution asked these jurors to believe. Their eyes to believe that a reasonable officer David it would not kneel the life. Out of some one a man who they were sworn to protect and serve would not kneel for nine minutes and twenty. Nine seconds that those are not the actions of a reasonable man the prosecution's. Did its job today. The defense I think certainly missed a lot of opportunities but did not have a lot to work with. I think that to be. The fact that the defense consistently played. That video which I believe was the star witness for the prosecution. Over and over and over again and played video of George Floyd losing his life at the hands. Officer form officer Derek Shelton and was. A mistake of of grave proportions and I I just one and with says. The prosecution said face down on the pavement for nine minutes and 29 seconds. The pavement beneath him was as un we'll yielding as the men the man on top of him pushing him down. This wasn't a case against the police but one man. Derek show meant he is not on trial for who he is he is on trial for what he's it. Something else and let us all day long as well sunnier thanks to you and again. The responsibility now in the hands of the jury twelve members who will now be sequestered in Minneapolis until they have. Come to a decision you heard the judge dismissing two others the alternates though the -- to come into his chambers so they can talk with them. After hearing this case but again the prosecution closing the defense closing. And now we wait to hear what this jury will decide we'll have much more coming up on world news tonight a short time from now and I should know that for many of you. But your local news comes your way next I'm Dave in your in New York today. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"A recap of the key moments from the closing arguments of the murder trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77174403","title":"The Death of George Floyd: Jury begins deliberations in Derek Chauvin's trial","url":"/US/video/death-george-floyd-jury-begins-deliberations-derek-chauvins-77174403"}