Death Row Inmate Describes Life of 'Leisure'

Convicted murderer writes about his life behind bars in letter to newspaper.
1:02 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Death Row Inmate Describes Life of 'Leisure'
A gentleman of leisure who watches color TB in the AC reits take -- -- will eat three well balanced hot meals a day. That's how Danny Henry junior describes his days here at central prison. The -- and county man is on death row for the 2009 murder of a seventeen year old girl. And in this two page letter to the -- -- -- he talks about the comforts of his life behind bars and -- the justice system ending his letter kill me if you can suckers to me it's just a travesty of justice state representative Paul -- says Henry is more than likely to die of natural causes -- he -- of execution he says that's a big part of the problem his punishment does not fit his crime at all. -- Tokai of the John Locke foundation says the letter is disturbing but he adds it helps highlight the need for North Carolina to fix a broken system. Let's decide we're gonna have a system that works. -- we're going to get rid of it and let's not have people. Like this death row inmate from -- to county sit on death row for years and years decades and decades without any resolution.

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{"id":15443055,"title":"Death Row Inmate Describes Life of 'Leisure'","duration":"1:02","description":"Convicted murderer writes about his life behind bars in letter to newspaper.","url":"/US/video/death-row-inmate-describes-life-leisure-15443055","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}