Defense questions Shawanda Hill in Chauvin trial

Hill, who was in the car with George Floyd, testified that Floyd appeared happy in Cup Foods but fell asleep several times once in the car.
9:38 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Defense questions Shawanda Hill in Chauvin trial
Good morning themselves. Thank you for being here with us today. I just have a few questions about may 25 2020 do you recall that eight years. I'm happy where you cub foods located in Minneapolis kids. Yes did you run into anybody that you knew you were there this sort of put. And while you are after cub foods are in the cub foods did you have an opportunity to observe. Mister Lawrence behavior demeanor things of that nature clears. How would you describe mr. Flores behavior. While inside of the conference. Pain. Normal tone can. Alert. Did you. Did he offer to give you are right yes. Rachal wherever once. And so did you go to his car skids. Once you've got into the car or did you observe any changes to his name. Brutally murdered in the car for the First Lady Indians we weren't talking any pain. He knows CN couldn't you know seeing some movement oxygen. In the end I have got a phone call. There's so I was on the phone for motorists is currently children little voices and shook his current policy that is. So. At some point during the course of the time that you were in the car with mr. Floyd destroyed Porter suddenly fell asleep yes. And a phone call he received massage from your daughter. Days and so you're talking with your daughter during that time yes. And you described. Would you agree at some point. Some news that some little boys are those employees and yeah. It's okay. The store employees came and approached the car flips and at that point mr. Slater suddenly fell asleep you are racist. Views are obviously. Since my thinking is an act and when they came here is under way goma they generally go my family world over know. And Israel turned away from and he can't he woke didn't say something you do those kids are no way. Not. Does that at medical tests. Was that. Kind of a sudden change from. How you observed him in the store. The car is really no reason only in the story sorry because he ever work Jack. Sufficient grounds. Yeah. And so at some point did indeed. Store clerks to leave the side of the current year's total net I would love to sing it because I don't have the money on the news yeah. OK and did you continue to try to Rouse is mr. foreign. Ten. You'll. OK there thanks. I'm so did you continue to trying to we can mr. Floyd gives us out of an old we being you know. Just let it go swimming because it is back on the phone is. And in the store clerks come back to the car second time you know. End. Where you. At some point the police officers approached the car gets. And mr. Floyd was aroused by the police yes. Have no further questions. This red. Good morning so I just. Questions for your candidate news. So during the period that you were with mr. Floyd in the story. He was. Here's alert this friendly. I don't care how Lucas. And there. Hands when you win this so the story you watch band so potent storm clears. Texas hello dances around to hear us. Reason to make sure that UEFA. Question south square car. Hire him to break. And as we've got back to the car. When you not. Just. But you're able to wait. Kids hands. This that he was in. Technically. It's. Just we're just. Can't I don't know again. That's why police officers walked out. Scanners. And then he. You're woken up when we saw us want to revenues. Hanson and he was away. Yeah see some say he isn't the slaying was. Flax plant remarks about anything. So even when it's and we he woke up the second time this influence do. The police here is about between on the real wasn't really. But you're seeing red Indian the police's so you learn when we looked into right it's here please send them to go with the Florida. Class. An online order excellent progress around the globe well let's get out of sight famous movie hello reviewer wrote on women whenever you don't. Sony look bad indeed the assuming he seemed to me. Give me the good excellent record there can be no better tool so it's better for real. And please please don't kill me please read those who don't assume win or lose facility where you please don't do. Please those who don't mind a little faith in. He's a slight tightness when we say he sees her. I did and you have to. Ask questions. Its authority cuts you off clearly. Wanna go back and discover one thing quick. We're loosening it in the bag right business. And so when officers can because there's. We're here to officers attended it is someone came to the passenger side and women drivers. Yes. Spanish police officers you're right passenger side. No I've seen that was like India you know. Don't generally Jerusalem in the middle like getting tired you know when the police are there guys out they've seen him isn't just you most lucid say. Dan. When he was. I'm Jerry Sanders. Coming up from Tom Cruise is being in the vehicle whom he complained of shortness of breath. We'll. I didn't complain of chest pains all. And other than being. We're not enough gloom and disease in. No abnormal gene. And did he seem startled. When the officer. Pulling. There are. So even while you're IndyCar but tragedy. Reporters here. Kiss me aren't our policy. He's so cool any. And ultimately you have to mix. Kids. Don't forget content. And yours. Again that's a lot of diligence the woman in the car with George Floyd on May 25 we saw her. On some of the police body cam footage she testified that while in cup foods that George Floyd was happy he was normal he was talking and he was alert. But she says once he got back in the car that Floyd was sleepy she says that he for eight minutes. They were talking and everything was fine and then she received a phone call she got on the phone. And the next thing that she noticed a police by the time the police came to the car she said that he had fallen asleep. She also said that when a couple its employees came out to the car let's listen to what the defense is saying. A sense if they're calling their next witness. That the health says that ultimately that which Floyd fell asleep several times. In the car that they tried to Rouse and several times and that he would kind of gesture and then not off. But ultimately he was awake and alert once officers approached the car and one officer pulled a gun on George Floyd there. That's again she want to hill's testimony the woman who was in the car with George Floyd on May twenty.

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{"duration":"9:38","description":"Hill, who was in the car with George Floyd, testified that Floyd appeared happy in Cup Foods but fell asleep several times once in the car. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77046846","title":"Defense questions Shawanda Hill in Chauvin trial","url":"/US/video/defense-questions-shawanda-hill-chauvin-trial-77046846"}