Defenseless Cat Shot With Arrow

Florida cat is recovering after veterinarians remove hunting arrow from torso.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Defenseless Cat Shot With Arrow
With the look on emily's face you'd never know -- just -- day before she was on the side of the road with a hunting arrow through her abdomen. The orange and white tabby cat was rushed to river -- veterinary animal hospital where doctors help to remove the aero and are now nursing her back to full health. Her story of survival has touched off an outpouring of support from concerned animal lovers. We have -- numerous -- a lot of extremely concerned citizens calling asking. Didn't like to adopt a pet. And every single in the first thing is -- was -- -- attendance -- campaign. Emily is expected to recover but her injuries are serious. This X -- shows that the arrow shot directly through her vertebrae and right now she can't move her back legs. Doctors are optimistic but their realistic that Emily may never walk on all fours again. We do have animals to recover and can't isn't that Clinton still want you to have good lives they have heard some things -- after. For animals that can't take -- back ladies and they still make very good pets. People at the clinic just hearing about Emily were appalled Peggy Collins who has three cats of her own. Once whoever's responsible. -- I think they should get prison time because I think it should be considered as bad as. Unit to another person. As I've always felt people that are abusive to animals would do -- to a person to.

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{"id":17352567,"title":"Defenseless Cat Shot With Arrow","duration":"3:00","description":"Florida cat is recovering after veterinarians remove hunting arrow from torso.","url":"/US/video/defenseless-cat-shot-arrow-17352567","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}