Deliberations underway in trial of Derek Chauvin

During closing arguments the prosecution focused on the 9 minutes and 29 seconds that Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck while the defense focused on Floyd’s drug use and health.
7:14 | 04/20/21

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Transcript for Deliberations underway in trial of Derek Chauvin
Let's bring in long crime network analyst Terry Austin for more on on all of this. Terry good morning we're just learning right now that the jury is resuming deliberations now little earlier. The Ben expected can you want to Sturgis how this process works and is there anything to be gleaned from that. Well you know dying good morning they started deliberating yesterday around 4 o'clock and they deliberated for about four hours until base happened they're doing that again this morning I think the judge Keith hill really wants this process. To move forward she has been the type of judge. To make sure that the trial doesn't had any agony she and that it keeps moving forward he make sure that after any. Session of the court is. Happening that the next section. Continues on so for instance if there is a closing news saw that he moved very quickly to have the next closing statement and then there were bottle and so what I think is happening here is. Part of that same process the judge really wants this deliberation. To continue quit me he has said as we mentioned before. Prepare for something along hope for something short. But he's wasting no time getting this jury working and making sure that they are vote dissed. I'm sure that they have all of the equipment that they need if they want to a look at any exhibit it can't questions of course that will be. Something that the court will be alerted and that all of the attorneys will be called back and he is known as I understand it and so. He really wants this to you go quickly he wants them to deliberate but he wants them to consider it carefully and I think that is what we're seeing right now. And terror the prosecution during closing arguments which focused on the nine minutes and 29 seconds it's Eric showman had his knee. On George Floyd's neck telling the jurors to believe their eyes and emphasizing that show they knew better but did it do better how effective. Were these arguments over all. I think it was extremely effective the fact that he told jurors looked. You saw the east a 4445. Witnesses one of course was called back. And there is an additional witness the additional witness is your common sense and I think that they jurors. Know that they recognize that and we also saw the prosecution talk about. The crowd and I thought that was it acted because they wound in the fact that this crowd. Really it was talking to the jury they went there and they saw what was going on they were not on relieved they were not a threat. They took their videos. You stop jury those videos and they came here to talk to you. And so of course we know that the defense has these coral quotes stories which of course was objected to but the defense was trying to show that there where these other issues at play daddy did not. Cause the death because of Derek television but didn't death was caused because of these intervening factors like the heart. Like the drugs X setter and I think the prosecution did an excellent job tallying the jury. Well yes you can believe your eyes you can believe these witnesses they went there they side they came and they told me do what they saw they told you the truth and they cared they were caring citizens. So I think that part that prosecution's closing was very effective. Now as you pointed out the defense on the other had argued that a lot happened before that nine minute video was recorded that has to be considered including. The police struggle with Floyd his health his drug use. They also tried to raise doubt in the honesty of the prosecution it seemed pointing to for example. A still image that the prosecution showed a dare children's weight completely on Floyd. And then showing in the video that his boat came off the ground. Only for a second and there were a few other examples like that so did you think Eric Nelson managed to raise some reasonable doubt with his closing argument. In all it seems to me an enemy that's my own prospective or perception. But it seemed to me that he was in a sense in grasping at star as he had some very difficult case I have to say I think he's dealing. As good a job as you can under these circumstances and pointing to caught all of the issues he can possibly point to look to try to ditch then his client and I think the jury is going to. Recognize the fact that well yes maybe so Vince tell wasn't it. Leaning up against. Check you know George Floyd the entire time eighty came up for a second and perhaps these other factor is art factors. Four then heat on the neck in the back from the restraint but for that we would still have. George fled with us today and I think Jerry Blackwell when he came and did his were bottle. Pointed that out there was it charred about all these dots and the fact that all of these other conditions the bad heart. That you know issues and he was dealing with as far as drugs are concerned all of these issues. Were happening. All of the d.s Joyce splits life prior to see that very date in fact. Prior to those nine minutes and 29 seconds. And we still saw of course that joins Blake lives and it wasn't ends hill this subdural you know was straining compress and that he died and that was dead but. Or cause of his death. And I love your take on this moment with judge Kay hill and the defense where the judge said that congresswoman Maxine Waters. Telling protesters to get more confrontational it there's no conviction could be grounds for an appeal what did you make of that. Diane that was one of the moments I think that judge Kay hill throughout the course of this trial was the most. Upset or annoyed he of course has had moments ways he has been annoyed went. The attorneys he has lost a little bit of patience I think he's been controlled. Not to say that he's been under control but you can certainly talc when he's all about the business. And I think he was disturbed by her comments she said that he protesters should get. More confrontational. Scene later explained that what she Matt was that. Nonviolent. Confrontation. But he couldn't and I think mistake in by others and of course we did here. People who are saying it particularly other politician saying that those words were not necessary and it. Just taking milk didn't make a good points here. He did Wednesday it was a missed child and they think that last thing he wants to do after all of this time and effort is to have a mistrial. But it could be a grounds for appeal later on it in fact a juror was insolent by that. And Terry Austin keeping things interesting we appreciate your analysis Terry thank you. Ink you.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"During closing arguments the prosecution focused on the 9 minutes and 29 seconds that Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck while the defense focused on Floyd’s drug use and health.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77189577","title":"Deliberations underway in trial of Derek Chauvin","url":"/US/video/deliberations-underway-trial-derek-chauvin-77189577"}