Deputy Mayor Addresses Latest Wall Street Protest

New York City expects up to 10,000 protesters aimed at disrupting services.
4:55 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Deputy Mayor Addresses Latest Wall Street Protest
More from business. -- plans to be there. -- and -- all of our agencies uniform otherwise you can be prepared for a if these kinds of attacks in New York City all the time. Because people know. Last year -- dealt with 600 -- -- 59. So certainly protests are not something that are surprising us -- do them every day. -- here of course based on the information that we have just a sizable. So we're coordinating the end to yet spoken to -- -- -- NYPD MTA and -- the agencies are coordinating and we want to ensure that -- if if it turns out. Information -- suggests -- -- it -- the ability to protest but everybody remained safe in the city continues to function. Used to justify. Everything that we have seen. And hurt suggest that we may have tens of thousands of people tomorrow protest in. The protesters are calling for a massive event. That disrupting major parts of the city. Has that been there six we will be prepared for that. We are certainly anticipated. Tens of thousands of people protesting. -- dad -- significant disruption. The daily lives people visiting. He won't -- And what should be. Computers back tomorrow. That the specific operations of individual stations that something that's really. Being coordinated between. Since that our goal is to ensure that the city continues -- -- essential services get provided. Didn't get to and from work and that is over and be prepared do. Here the place Atlanta -- his dad you know walking in the soccer game. Get your headlines time. And very simply. You know again fit that visit -- these things are handled case by case basis protest. Protests in terms of you know where people assemble and how to get together and what their object is whether it's to say something -- goes on more specific. And so that is really didn't depend and they NYPD. As -- -- -- deals. Hundreds of these years the best police force in the world they're gonna take -- a case -- case is they're gonna do what -- trained to do which is is to deal with these things away that. Strikes that balance between -- people protest but make no mistake. We're gonna seek public safety is first and foremost. And we have to ensure that the city continues to -- need to drive down the streets and he was essential services and -- -- anytime you have the situation in which. Anticipating tens of thousands of people protest -- -- massive -- Take it seriously. Our forces will be deployed accordingly. Insure that people -- Exercise the first amendment rights it's critically important to this city. Is there -- also true public safety -- we have. I don't I can't speak to this specific. -- poll that in my -- has -- the resources that we need to have on hand we'll certainly be. This event tomorrow that's been the case throughout and tomorrow's -- to be no exception unless it's. -- yet. The number -- The number if you have don't have cost -- from yesterday and it's gonna take a little while to sort through the data there. The number I have is that it is estimated philosopher NYPD just sit at the park which is chief you're asking about. Approximately three million dollars a month. So that is that that number obviously that's subject to to review if this has been ongoing in. Leesburg police commissioner Kelly has I think done. And excellent exceptional job. Making sure that the resources that are needed here are there on hand for this this is going. We'll continue to -- Yeah. Well first as mayor always says -- Public safety and providing essential services what we do so the first thing we're gonna do -- handle the situation any situation and and he situation comes up 600 -- -- fifty ninth street Hezbollah and so yes this was this is. I've been a significant has been going on for many days but don't really and and and the broader scheme of things it's not something that we are prepared to deal -- so. -- city resources are allocated as they need to -- to deal with -- us. They usually --

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{"id":14969446,"title":"Deputy Mayor Addresses Latest Wall Street Protest","duration":"4:55","description":"New York City expects up to 10,000 protesters aimed at disrupting services.","url":"/US/video/deputy-mayor-addresses-latest-wall-street-protest-14969446","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}