New details in Epstein death

The jail that held Jeffrey Epstein in his final days was reportedly severely understaffed and failed to conduct required checks on him. ABC News' Mona Kosar Abdi reports.
2:44 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for New details in Epstein death
Good Monday morning everyone thank you for joining us we begin with new. Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. The jail was reportedly so short staffed that one guard had worked five straight days of overtime. And guards failed to check up on have seen as often as required. As really for autopsy results conspiracy theories are flourishing but the criminal investigation. Will continue. Amid allegations that have seen spent decades preying on underage girl. ABC's motto costar Abbie has all the new. Good morning Kenneth and good morning to you today. That investigation is now senator around the 24 hours. Leading up to Jeffrey Epstein stat that how at Steen who was placed on suicide watch for just less than three weeks ago for a short period of time. Was left alone and on monitored. The death of Jeffrey and seen sparking a new investigation into the high rise metropolitan correctional facility in Manhattan where the accused sex trafficker was being held without bond. Just after 6:30 Saturday morning the wealthy finance year was found hanging inside of his cell. His death coming less than three weeks from another incident were Epstein was found unresponsive with marks on his neck vote. Bruce bark and represented Epstein cellmate at the time. So want hostile wonder how it is that this man who just tried to take his own life by hanging himself. A few weeks ago was in a position to successfully. Hang himself. ABC news has learned guards were supposed to check on the alleged sex trafficker every thirty minutes but sources say that protocol was not followed in the hours before at Steve's death. Another source familiar with the matter tells ABC that both guards assigned to the unit were at scene was being held were on overtime. News about teens death taking the poll on his alleged victims who were hoping for justice. And I wanted to hand to take up. For what he did it and to be put in jail or prison. Might have to sit there and take about what it is he exactly dead to so many people. Well less than 24 hours before his death 2000 pages of new documents containing disturbing testimony were made public. Including by a woman who says she was a sex trafficking victim of Epstein. And his acquaintances the people who really have to be concerned. Are the ones who worked with Jeffrey Epstein are the ones who may have helped facilitate. What he was doing. And those documents were filed as part of a now settled defamation lawsuit against healing Maxwell a longtime associate about Steen now one accuser says that Maxwell recruited her to be a teenage sex slaves to abstain. Now it's important to note that Maxwell denies those allegations and to think and it has not been charged. And again federal authorities say the investigation will continue Mona thank you.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The jail that held Jeffrey Epstein in his final days was reportedly severely understaffed and failed to conduct required checks on him. ABC News' Mona Kosar Abdi reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64920796","title":"New details in Epstein death","url":"/US/video/details-epstein-death-64920796"}