Diane Sawyer's 'View' on Gabrielle Giffords

The "World News" anchor previews her special on the congresswoman's recovery.
7:19 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Diane Sawyer's 'View' on Gabrielle Giffords
I bet. It's been ten months since congresswoman Gabriel Giffords was shot in the head by raging mad -- Jared Loughner who -- fired on the crowd she was speaking to. Left six people dead. Tonight you'll hear her speak for the very first time since the tragedy when she and her husband mark Kelly sit down -- Diane Sawyer. -- a special edition of 28 when he called Gabby and mark courage and hope. Here with the first luck please welcome Diane Sawyer. -- -- everybody Whoopi see it's a load gets. The -- -- day accident yeah we have game. Yeah. Diet you went to Houston Texas and you spend some time with Gabbard -- Giffords and her husband retired astronaut mark Kelly. Can you please tell -- how is she doing. I have to say if -- time tonight to watch. I think she's going to make you rethink your life oh my goodness I think her region. Optimism and determination. Is something I don't know that I've ever seen. In an interview I have ever done in my -- -- and we talk. We talk and you have to know a little bit. About where she wants to know how far she's come now what is her day to day life like a machine and a shift there being completion therapy the therapist say -- -- she doesn't like to take a break for lunch in shifts for homework. At the end of the therapy session and we have to remember. This was a bullet that went straight through her brain the entire length -- had no idea how much had been taken out and whether. She could will herself. -- -- they -- the bullet destroyed and I think we have a little bit of the tape he we have. All he took hours of ten prefer because he said she will recover her husband -- Talk about an optimism crazy brave -- -- she will recover and she will ask me what she endured. And no this is gonna happen because she's so curious so I'm going to tape it. And you see her with all the little victories this paxon of one point -- he doesn't have a word for anguish and she says boo hoo. Who who until she does she use of language she -- to talk. Again by reciting the I have a dream yes. It turn south it's called over learned language we all have this you can't start the pledge of allegiance in the middle. The pitching over learned -- wrote yes that's tank and so what you learn -- turns out to be in a different part of the brain. And it's -- as a -- ended a new access it. And it's a reflex. And Bob Woodruff who was at ABC news and have -- He would come back and say Bob Woodruff ABC news Bob Woodruff ABC news because that's what he learned by broke out in the field and she has a lot of that as well and she can do music. Texas -- last similar and -- just gonna show little to pump had a -- as she sings rock sides but this is. She's in the hospital prepare yourself a little bit here she's in the hospital it's still very early. And they -- free -- and there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ten girls just wanna have fun. Just -- You know I know how important productivity is recovering. And some people -- depending in the therapy don't ever C -- -- shooter. Their attacker a photo had she seen her shooter -- photos she. Seeing the photo -- him and she and her husband. In -- -- you'll see how she struggles to tell you the pain she feels about those who died. And those who were wounded in -- struggles when you feel something too deeply for the words you have available and chiseled with. -- for her so many words which can't. Experts what she wants to she sought but she and her husband decided forgiveness is the only way forward. And that he needed mental help he never got mental health. And I say to her are you angry and she says no and she's working age were considered life it's -- It's like it's like tell tell everybody what she said about -- and I. Well you know because she hit. And this is true of a lot of people who have brain injuries in the beginning when they're working their way back and she's watching the news. And at one point according to the book at one point he comes up and she says oh. Messing around -- That fact -- but she's watching the news and the doctors say her comprehension. Is in critical and they put absolutely no ceiling. And how much she can recover language will come slowly. But it's a love story in so many ways. Her husband saying to her always. As astronauts we say the sky is not the limits. Believe me this guy's not the limit and here you see the message he since her and what happens in the -- this. The first. Working we have Bahrain. -- -- I think -- -- -- contribute to. Brave and tough. -- -- Yeah. He was there from day one and even when no one believes how -- that he believes it into. They have been married now. Have to do -- -- I'm very bad and bad you can't and it. Yes they've been married about four years -- probably wrong on that they've known each other for longer than that but they married. When when she was in her thirties he was in his forty's. Tonight Diana what time this is tonight at 10 o'clock eastern and it is life. You've come to but I am not exactly -- -- Thank you so much. We want to thank Diane Sawyer Diane special Gabby and mark courage and hope. -- on a special edition of 20/20 tonight at 10 PM eastern right here on ABC watch it.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"The \"World News\" anchor previews her special on the congresswoman's recovery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14951240","title":"Diane Sawyer's 'View' on Gabrielle Giffords","url":"/US/video/diane-sawyers-view-gabrielle-giffords-14951240"}