Disabled Boy Not Allowed to Board Plane

California parents believe they were discriminated against because their son has Down syndrome.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disabled Boy Not Allowed to Board Plane
Now getting prepared -- the board to apply to anyone with special needs please come forward anybody first class and start getting things -- Robert and John -- horse were returning home from a family reunion in New Jersey getting set to board the American Airlines flight with their sixteen year old son Beatty who has Down syndrome. And they were told they could not get on the plane airline security told the couple that the pilot made the decision and they would be culminated on another flight. Out of pilot determines who can fly and not fly on his plane he has the final work he says you don't fly you don't. At that point -- pulled out her camera phone and began taping -- confrontation. Because she believed her son's rights were being violated the evening but what's this concern my son doesn't -- people packed people is not a terrorist -- -- crashed -- The security door into the cockpit. The family says they all flown together dozens of times without any problem -- -- only difference is that this time they upgraded to first class. Think the pilot was concerned. That my son was -- be -- first -- And I think the pilot felt that my type of sound mind disabled Down syndrome son shouldn't be in for. American Airlines released a statement saying their son was excitable and running around and not acclimated to the environment. Additionally they say the pilot personally tried to calm the sundown to no -- the family says -- no time their -- was running around causing a disturbance or affecting other passengers waiting to board the plane. They say they were being discriminated against her side. -- this kind of discrimination and and it was not because of me who was not because of my wife and was because my disabled son and sounds of her condition which has no. -- change control.

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{"id":17158709,"title":"Disabled Boy Not Allowed to Board Plane","duration":"3:00","description":"California parents believe they were discriminated against because their son has Down syndrome.","url":"/US/video/disabled-boy-not-allowed-board-plane-17158709","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}