Disney Day of Giving nears an end, with over $3.8 million donated

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert reports the updated total of donations to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.
8:14 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for Disney Day of Giving nears an end, with over $3.8 million donated
Welcome back straight day of giving ABC and Good Morning America and Kimberly Richardson to ask us hi everybody and AC seven right here in the US home here in Times Square and good to be here. It's amazing to see us all come together in his seat and it right next door in the studios. The 66 street. But here in New York a lot of people felt hopeless and helpless to evil. Do anything. Devastating images and that's been something that has been expressed over and over and people think I'm really did know what I can DO. You've taken some of the calls for are making each share some stories and. Thank you thank you for calling and I've had. Amazing people it's incredible. How emotional they aren't when they call I had a man gentleman Jack from Florida he called and he was in tears hatred he told me. His wife and himself had just gotten your sense of security checks. And they heights again. So he called in donating the thing I keep hearing over and over and over again is. I wish I could give more it's all I can afford ten dollars twenty dollars. But as you know as I know it's all adding up and it works so it's very emotional for people. People who have pokes and family in Texas people who are from Texas. Of course here in the New York area it it it it's something I covered something many of us covered super storm sandy. We're hearing from people that lost everything during. And they're here locally in the New York City area calling it because they know what it's like. So we've had some amazing just heart felt he. And I was gonna mention that that you covered to restore sanity. Do you know what it's like to we eat in the water wade in the water and just you know as we've seen with hearty. The storm comes through its top during those hours and then pulls away in Lee's and then you're left with the aftermath. That's kinda what's happening now in the Houston area the flooding that damaged what's left behind. Even now. It was five years out I think we are. Out at a sandy there's still homes that are. Still people that don't have their lives out so it's the long term and that's why this is a tremendous effort. Because it's it's gonna keep this is years of recovery and this money's gonna help directly with that. And it's beautiful to see people like you get on the phone with such passion and with such care for people because like you said I had one woman. She was crying on the thighs and are you okay into six I'm OK and she was trying to gather herself. Add even think she quite knew why she was so emotional I mean some people have those personal stories like this you've recovered from to restore sanity and others are just so moved. By the imagery that they've seen from our affiliate stations Casey arcade Houston and then has sent some great work and then our local correspondents people we're here at the network level. Who climb down and had been living in that water with those residents. It's just on believe. And and ends at one thing when folks calling in today and donating giving I think they're surprised speak if they give the donation and they speak with someone from the red cross and then their transfer to us. And there are so surprised that picked up the phone call was over with the donation. And Alan thank you for talking to me thank you for hearing me and hearing my story so it's been a pleasure. Thank you so much for parents taking type events are you have to work after yet another. They keep Travis log day at great pride and we really appreciate it there are several colleagues from ABC seven. Here in New York you you have an ABC seven where you live I'm sure like in Los Angeles out out. To those UK ABC seven. Don't walk along it would still have so many crew members staff producers. Tom Kelly whose are high premium for Good Morning America you're like that ever come here and watch a show in person. So many producers. Executive producers who helped put the television shows. Hinds. Nina Pineda who is also with. W eighty seat locally BC station here in New York. And these folks these folks are part of the team that makes it possible that you just see that did you just see it had not okay. Great we're actually just watching are sent because. Going through the studio you can see there's not a lot of people left here but we are determined. Until noon today to stay on the phone with you some folks I that I'd be answering the phone I've answered several calls they think I'm a recording. Can't companies via telephone operator animal broadcaster but they think that I'm not real but I incidentally this is not a recording we wanted to thank you we wanted to show you. That not only are meet up. Appreciate that your donation but we want to personally reach out connected to you would say thank you from our hearts and from the ABC Disney family. Let's walk around to the back here because there's on the phone and weeps when a mixture that they do. Guess they see a reporter here lord she setting up threat another report. From Times Square in our studios. In Egan were kind of sneaking through here. You see all of you could hear the phones are chirping their Chinese. Continuing to ring off the hook. Because why do you in the west coasts are just getting through I know. Some people been on waiting on the phone for hours and hours I talked to one gentleman said he did waiting for three and a half hours just to get through it. You can still techs to get by texting 90999. In fact I'm and help them really the house. 90999. As CNU one attacks Harvey. This is Adrian banker came here in our Good Morning America studios and does lunacy thank you so much for making a donation. It's you've made so much of a difference analyze it goes in the Houston area and those affected by the floods in Texas we can't thank you enough. Yes yes we want to see Houston Houston welcome back Houston's are strong and resilient as you know. And thank you for be it a part of helping us reach towards. Our four million dollar mark today can you believe it. It is very boring. How you to god bless you thank you. Current path by. Wow I hope you're able to hear that phone call and the phone rings again. Gonna let it goes through the chains of somebody will pick up this phone line but I just have to tell you that those kinds of stories keep on happening people are calling in. And saying thank you to us but we have to say we're grateful for you. We have now topped over 30000 dollars on our FaceBook page alone so FaceBook live in the streaming all morning long says the 6 o'clock hour. We are raising money that way but then collectively in this total day of giving. We're nearing. Four million. Dollars because of people like you thank you so much the text to give optional still work even after 12 o'clock noon eastern which is when will wrap up the phone bank. You also can go on the Red Cross website makes said he used the backlash eighty seat to complete RD of giving totals. And that you can also of course donate on the feast that means. Press the donate but now that money will be added to that rule and we will give in this day of giving we've talked to celebrities here were kind enough to grace. Our studios from 7 to 9 this morning they were answering your phone calls I hope that you were able to get through I know that. Some of you had to be really patient so thank you again for your diligence and your generosity. Look at this every phone is. Me and right now. I might have to actually get bock out back on the phones myself this is the last time you'll see me this morning but again from the bottom of our hearts here at ABC Disney and Good Morning America. We appreciate you we love you Houston we let you Texas those who've lived in cities all around Corpus Christi area that have been come. Completely devastated. By ordering at this. I mean there are places that don't have buildings standing anymore. And it's because of the money that's donated today that we're gonna help Texas rebuilt thanks to the partnership with the American Red Cross. We really appreciate you thank you are thinking of those that you were staying strong in the midst of tragedy and staying recently. From all of us here in New York again thank you and we'll see you here on Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert reports the updated total of donations to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49540703","title":"Disney Day of Giving nears an end, with over $3.8 million donated ","url":"/US/video/disney-day-giving-nears-end-38-million-donated-49540703"}