Doctor discusses toll ICE raids have on families at the border

Dr. Sally Goza of the American Academy details the traumatic effects raids and deportations have on immigrant families.
3:08 | 07/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Doctor discusses toll ICE raids have on families at the border
This uncertainty is no doubt dramatic for families parents scared of deportation in. In children scared of being separated from their parents remember a few democratic members of congress is visited. Those detention centers last week in here's one of them congresswoman. Receded tele testifying today take a lesson. Mr. speaker we do have a crisis at our border. With one of morality. As we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional. And clearly traded by the trumpet ministries and does not. I'm sending a hate filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in America. And our America. And that the rule of law human rights will not be when not protected here. Instead mr. Chairman it's a dangerous ideology that ruled. Our nation right now. That's pretty emotional layers I want to bring in doctor Sally goes she's president elect at the American. Academy of pediatrics and to talk more about the effects of these dramas I'm Dr. goes you've also visited these facilities yes. I have yet to me just give us. So first and foremost as a pediatrician. We truly think that children do not belong in custom and border protection facilities. But because they aren't there we feel like that they need to be able to be safe in his healthiest thing can be you be taking care of by a pediatrician or pediatric training provider. While in the custody at the US government. When we short Ursula and one of breaking down into three things when I heard what us all and must now. And so when I first platoon it was a mixture of sent smell of sweat. Urine and feces he and then I heard some rustling sound and it was the mylar blankets. Immigrants were under the mine are gone because he can't see their hands popping up. But it was really that rustling sound there was very little other sound not a lot of laughter talking or anything. And then what we saw our we saw cages there was more insane in cages where these people were staying in their sleeping on the floor somehow masked the mylar blankets. In their eyes the children's eyes for just one shot they obviously we're not getting much rest. And they were there were not guide they were in that fear in their eyes and what's gonna happen next what's happening to me. And those kind of things and so those were my impressions as I walked through the facility. And I just want to ask do you know what. Happenings in your opinion to a purse seine who's living in fear for this amount of time what's the impact of this. Detention. So as a pediatrician we know this is not good for the short and long term health of children doesn't physically and then only that kind of stress. Textual burned beyond high alert red alert for their brains can't do the things that are really the work of childhood which is learning implying. And so and distress is prolonged and goes on for a long time it becomes a thing called toxic stress which we know contains architecture a child's brain. Don't cause life long problems with depression anxiety. Suicidal idea nation developmental issues and behavioral problems. It's unbelievable so doctor Sally goes I appreciate you being with us today on again. From the American academy of pediatrics we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Dr. Sally Goza of the American Academy details the traumatic effects raids and deportations have on immigrant families. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64295004","title":"Doctor discusses toll ICE raids have on families at the border","url":"/US/video/doctor-discusses-impact-toll-ice-raids-families-border-64295004"}