'That dog Omarosa'

Donald Trump attacks former White House staffer
3:00 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for 'That dog Omarosa'
Jon Karl in images just listening to ask that question that is the 64 million dollar question. He has known on grocer for quite some time he is written now on Twitter and so disease they fired her three times from his reality TV show but yet. He beat her up. Prying position in his west wing. John one of the highest paid staffers in the west wing. The highest ranking African American that a certain as White House staff for the entire time. And also. You know you and I were discussing offline and John whether or not there were as anybody in this White House staff. Who it knowing the president as long. As Amoroso I think the only name that you went on it could come up what was Keith Schiller worked for awhile. As the a director of Oval Office operations and that's it this was a unique. Situation this is somebody lot of relationship. With Donald Trump and with the trump family that went back long before he was a presidential candidates. On like. Virtually everybody else in this White House so it is. Fascinating to hear him talk about her of the way he is talking about her now in. What I was trying to get John is he's president of the United States I mean directly talk about anybody is as a dog. As a as a as a low life is is really quite sorry I mean obviously he's upset with yet to say but he is the president Yemeni terrorist and his words were that. He was voicing his frustration estan I mean we've seen him do this before but. It is. Quite Stein here receive and that is John that relationship and law and and and to that point about the relationship that's why so implausible for certain you know their suggest that. Well if the media is giving her the platform and really it's our fault for putting her out there. He hires three times up. She she was at the White House for year. More times four times poured that out right at times. Three on the at this once that was it. My three times and then hired in the White House. You know that this that we are the ones giving her the platform he tweeted about her no less than six. Yes well and it. Well want to actually gave it what is it that's another point here which is. I think that the coverage. The Amoroso story. Much of it as pointed out that she does have significant credibility problems this is somebody's had only nice things about the president where he was fired. Even in the days after she was fired she told ABC news that she did not think he was a racist I'm never would've worked for a racist so she does have credibility problems. This story was probably on its way to fading away. And these poured fuel on the fire by attack warrant such personal failure the fact. And yeah and the fact that his campaign is actually. You're seeking arbitration try to enforce this this art this non disclosure agreement I mean that's really. It's really amazed.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Donald Trump attacks former White House staffer","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57177792","title":"'That dog Omarosa'","url":"/US/video/dog-omarosa-57177792"}