Dog Rescued at Sea

Marine Animal Rescue saved Nemo from drowning in Marina Del Ray, Calif.
1:40 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Dog Rescued at Sea
Peter Wallerstein is used to rescuing mammals from the -- forgiving waters of the Pacific but never any he can hold. This two year old husky mix is the first by -- -- May -- thousands of rescues and marine mammals. I never able to Bonderman and animal like that -- don't -- called Nemo was struggling to survive underneath the doctor marina -- when someone spotted him at 6 AM and called sheriff's deputies. He was holding -- to life by resting his paws on -- below the docks. But was still barely able to keep its head about the water they called Wallerstein for help. We don't know how long he was actually swimming in the water. And they said it couldn't get up on the docks that docks for Zhuhai the -- sits on the boats are too high. There was nowhere for that -- animal would get out of the water so he could have been swimming around for hours. He could I had just minutes to survive. Luckily he was Smart enough to find the cables underneath the dock where -- was able to rest his paws on that's the only way he was able to survive skinny. Freezing and likely minutes away from death meanwhile ended up at a shelter where no one claimed them we need to keep -- now -- assistant. And they haven't discovered he was. -- -- And -- Begin now -- had absolutely no idea because at the beginning yuniesky and it says he he he any kind of and this isn't really. Isn't surprised that he system and looked great -- staying at a -- street facility but he doesn't need to get home and are looking for the perfect Stanley to adopt him. So -- -- interest that they hold adoptions every Saturday we posted their information on our website -- ABC seven dot com. In El Segundo British -- ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15290127,"title":"Dog Rescued at Sea","duration":"1:40","description":"Marine Animal Rescue saved Nemo from drowning in Marina Del Ray, Calif. ","url":"/US/video/dog-rescued-sea-15290127","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}