Dog Survives Horrible Dragging

Dog found badly injured after it was cut loose from the back of speeding truck.
1:43 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Dog Survives Horrible Dragging
Despite near brush with death this ten -- shepherd mix is back on all four ponds. It's hard to believe that this is what the -- of her feet look like just two days ago. Is on antibiotics and pain medicine and can ambulance walk around. With the bandages little clumsily but. I expected make a full recovery. It is horrifying case of alleged animal cruelty on Wednesday night Diane Emery says she stopped pick up truck and a dog drive up peacock -- pastor home and when that car went on the street. You have -- Darden -- -- the track -- and says it first she thought nothing of the truck until she saw coming down this hill with the dog tethered to the back of it. And -- dog was just outside of the -- getting run over by the relic under the will the car. And it only -- to back -- to touched the Graham. Embry says she call 911 and followed in her car honking the horn to alert the driver. At first it appeared to be an accident than every says she watched as the driver got out cut the dog loose -- that off. Neighbors say they are -- But you just wonder. What's going through their head when they do something like -- I think that's horrible I think is really -- -- -- animals are helpless they rely on us. And -- have someone do that is just downright cruel. Authorities are searching for the driver of the dark red older model pickup truck. Anyone with information is asked to contact the western Riverside animal shelter at 951. 3587387. In the meantime the white -- with no name will be allowed to heal and recover. Animal control officials say already offers for a good home have been -- and in Riverside -- DC what is ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":14888236,"title":"Dog Survives Horrible Dragging","duration":"1:43","description":"Dog found badly injured after it was cut loose from the back of speeding truck. ","url":"/US/video/dog-survives-horrible-dragging-14888236","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}