DOJ declines federal charges in Eric Garner case

Almost exactly five years since he died, the Department of Justice announced they would not file civil rights charges.
2:45 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for DOJ declines federal charges in Eric Garner case
It's one day before the fifth anniversary of his choke hold death. In 2014 it was all caught on tape in it was ruled. A homicide it's a death that made the words I can't breathe a national rallying cry for protests about police brutality and today. The Justice Department declined to file federal charges against the NYPD officer involved in the incident so we want to listen to what his mother had to say I'm Gwen Carr. And yet we can't get lines. Because the DOJ has bailed us. Although we do. Thought better from them. Eleven out. Yet the Belmont Suggs said I can't reach the eleven time. Ed to date we can't bring. Because they have led us down. So pretty powerful words there Mike when you when you hear the mother speaking after this decision. What he take from. It's troubling yeah it it and I find it even more troubling that it's back to back from what the conversation or does happening. About the races notion has coming from the leader of the free wrote to I was going to a conversation never have to hear there's black mother. About tiles who has been murdered and plain view and in plain sight who was not. Who wasn't armed and there is video evidence of it and then there is no charges to move forward with trial. Time and time again we seem is that claim we see an end. And injustice and than our criminal system where things are equal right in the whole notion. People just want a fair trial. Ford jury to decide to hear both sides have meant to be put before before a court system. But far too arms and black Americans who were left widowed who are left child list don't have opportunity to have their say within court. And this is the first race and you see among black Americans is that. Listen let the courts decide let the case is being done before a judge and a jury and go for it before prosecutor has to make the decision or -- to go to grand jury has to make a decision and is also one on that backdrop -- recently heard about a giants allowing individual who was charged with the rape to get away with that because the fact he comes from a good family. Grant the so now we're seeing are these cases. Not a privilege. As separates what justice is we'll also see what looks look like in terms of what separates you from what justice really it is something your background and your family and so you need the government to parent household that is educated immigrant suburb of the goods of coal in order for justice to giving slack to you that you don't come from that. What has been proven time and time again that you would not have your day in court. All right Mike means I appreciate you being with us today. Alice appreciate you breaking it down more thank you thanks for having me yes of course.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Almost exactly five years since he died, the Department of Justice announced they would not file civil rights charges.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64369478","title":"DOJ declines federal charges in Eric Garner case","url":"/US/video/doj-declines-federal-charges-eric-garner-case-64369478"}