Doll's Baby Talk Sounds Like Cursing

Parents question talking "You and Me" toy's baby babble.
1:36 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Doll's Baby Talk Sounds Like Cursing
And all eight. Did you or did you not hear what some parents think is being said the -- appears to be -- it. And Casey Jessica says with two young daughters she doesn't want any kind of toy like the UN -- all in her house. Not only the subliminal part of it but that repetitive part of my two year old -- she repeats everything. So -- certainly don't need a doll teaching -- have working groups. However since -- -- -- baby talk. It is now up to the manufacturer to make the decision about recalling the -- in question. It's -- many factors issue apparently the manufacture has a problem with this specific dollar this batch of dolls. And if they issue a recall -- the stores to abide by that recall notice. I was hearing. That last -- -- Pretty that I thought that I thought surely that can't be -- Mason. All paint it. It's because of that uncertainty that Casey says you need to researcher child's toys before you buy them. I would recommend that all parents obviously test out all -- blaze. It but it's not working on and Chelsea can't tested properly then. Make sure you make the manager -- when that does have a proper trying me button youth because that would obviously be something you'd want to know before. And -- agrees with that sentiment saying you should research and read reviews ahead of time as well as checked into the company and make sure it has a good rating. -- -- You be the judge.

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{"id":15008859,"title":"Doll's Baby Talk Sounds Like Cursing","duration":"1:36","description":"Parents question talking \"You and Me\" toy's baby babble.","url":"/US/video/dolls-baby-talk-sounds-cursing-15008859","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}