Donald Sterling Signs over Clippers to Wife Shelly

Disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner hands over control to wife to negotiate sale.
6:58 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for Donald Sterling Signs over Clippers to Wife Shelly
Over when I'm down -- New York ready itself. LA clippers owner Donald Sterling has handed over control of the basketball team to his wife and co owner Shelley sterling. All to negotiate a forced sale of the team sources confirmed to ABC news that -- sterling is now in talks with the NBA -- the team. But the move comes as a surprise because both Donald and Shelley initially planned to fight the National Basketball Association all to keep the team. So for the latest on the development of what every ABC's -- -- in Los Angeles watching this all unfold and Alex at Donald Sterling handed over control to his wife Shelley but. She even -- a responsibility actually sell this team. Well now she -- and -- her attorneys have been saying that they were going to fight this and that she was going to fight it. She was claiming 50% ownership of the team now she apparently has 100% ownership with this move the source telling us happened -- today. So if she will move forward we don't know her -- is telling us and the source is telling us that the attorneys are now working with the NBA to possibly sell the team it's not 100%. But it is a possible move that they could be going forward with now. The NBA says it doesn't care what's going on. -- with Shelley and Donald Sterling right now it's moving forward with its plans to terminate ownership that would include her ownership. All orders of the team. And to force a sale of the team they still plan on holding a hearing on June 3. That's when other owners within the NBA. Will vote on deciding what to do with Donald Sterling well -- members -- the question -- was -- -- -- a coincidence for this kind of announcement being made the same time ahead of the June 3 meeting. Potentially was this a strategic move on their part to sell the team on their terms so they get to say what it's going to be -- they get to argue that. Value of the team. Potentially that they want it to be either way. They want the entire deal to go down maybe will they actually try to sell the team. Potentially. Could it be a stalling tactic. And they are all of these possibilities out there nobody really knows at this point because it is a source within the clippers telling us the information that. They have moved forward with. Signing the team over to her and her possibly selling the team but the NBA doesn't seem like it's being phased by it at all that's why it's continuing to move forward. In case this is a -- tactic. Annie. We're gonna try to sell it on our own you don't need to hold this vote the vote now set for June 3. When the owners hold that meeting in New York with a sterling -- really dug in their heels and that they were adamant they were not gonna sell the team so why the about face was being speculated out there for this change of heart. You know hard to say except that it could -- them wanting to do it on their terms and it could also be do they feel guilty all of a sudden yes so many people have come out against the sterling here in LA. They are really of vilified couple. Around the Los Angeles area you've got players on the clippers and Doc Rivers a coach saying that if she -- the team Shelley sterling. They don't know if they would come back next year. Donald Sterling his sanity in his televised interview. That he feels like the players love him and he feels like the other -- love him maybe he's getting the message now not everybody actually loves him. Nonetheless they have a parent of the ten apparently made this move for what -- reason they're not explaining it Shelley sterling attorneys aren't talking. His attorneys are talking the only thing we have today as -- NBA saying it's moving forward. Is could this potentially be a legal shell game in the sense that it is -- -- possibly by the strollers to actually keep the team. Because Donald wouldn't be the owner any more -- -- could still potentially own that the team though and he. Just by default might -- the still benefit. And -- anything is possible that -- they have claim this whole time that she is 50% owner. That's something that the NBA has said -- great -- finding good but when we terminate the ownership. All owners of that team are kicked out at the same time so. The NBA doesn't seem to care if she owns 1% or 99 or -- 100%. They say everybody with any ownership in the clippers right now would go if Donald Sterling is voted out that's why they say they're gonna continue on with the -- -- third vote. The hearing and vote when Donald Sterling can show up and he could testify or give his side of the story speak to the other owners. I have but is this just -- to play -- -- she now owns it and they are taking the team away from him. Potentially but the NBA doesn't seem to care it was -- -- comments that brought the attention of the NBA but also -- sterling his wife has also. -- been accused of making some unflattering comments as well what's been the NBA's response to those. -- the NBA is that it's focused on Donald Sterling that it hasn't investigated Shelley sterling there have been claims against her in the past that she has made comments but. The NBA says it's not looking at her but. If he is voted out that she would go as well that that everybody would go so basic they don't really need to look at her they have made it very clear Adam silver the NBA commissioner. That this case is against Donald Sterling not against her which may have been a mistake in some people's eyes they say he probably should've said that the whole sterling Stanley was included -- not yes Donald Sterling. Nonetheless he made the statement that it was only against mr. sterling bought. That if he goes she goes -- -- and now any other actions expected from the NBA -- from -- June 3 hearing. Well now Donald Sterling has Intel next week until Tuesday to respond to the charges that were filed this week against him by the NBA. He may or may not respond now he may say I don't need you because I'm no longer the owner we don't know. And then there's -- hearing on June 3 in New York that's what's in the pipeline right now and that at. After June 3 at some point either that hearing. Or shortly thereafter is when the owners -- 29 donors are expected to vote the NBA seems pretty confident it's got. The votes on its side to kick out Donald Sterling some owners may not go along with that they need a three quarters vote to make that happen. And then. The legal fight after that would likely go on if the sterling don't want to sell but they're being forced to do so but now this development today. We don't know what the sterling are gonna deal apparently they're considering selling the team weeks ago in the future the -- still up in the air ABC's -- down on Los Angeles on the latest on that -- thank you for your time appreciate that. This has been an ABC news digital special report and you can keep up in the story in real time by downloading ABC news apps starring the source for exclusive updates on the go. For now -- down Cutler in New York.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"Disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner hands over control to wife to negotiate sale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23849023","title":"Donald Sterling Signs over Clippers to Wife Shelly","url":"/US/video/donald-sterling-signs-clippers-wife-shelly-23849023"}