Dramatic Testimony From Vanderbilt University Rape Victim

Cory Batey watched the testimony during his sentencing hearing.
10:44 | 07/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dramatic Testimony From Vanderbilt University Rape Victim
It's hard for me to stand here. On display in speech Tuesday. About the impact this is how my life. With the farm McSherry. Anymore and I saw a dozen or even taken from me. Seems unbearable. And I think it's every instinct that. I was fearful of giving victim impact statement at all. Because they know that after three years and everything those happen. Thanking them do it justice. And scared not feeling. It'll never be possible for anyone to put into words houses affected me. And you'll never understand what this isn't me if you are standing in my cheeks. The humiliation. And I. But isolation. Being reduced to nothing but a piece of black shirt rewrites. It doesn't mean. That's. Truly impossible to describe. I also know. So it's hard thing house sleeping impact this is hand because there's still ongoing. The attack on me didn't and that day because I relive it. In every preceding an experience additional attacks every time I mean court. When I have Axl incumbents and become so angry and feel so powerless even today. The speaking coherently about it and also challenge. But it. After what was I'm Tina and I. And after three years of abuse opinions of the defendant. I thought I had to come here and ask the court to consider the impact of his squeezes in his action. I'm can't please I can't wait thirteen. I was happy hardworking immigrant student. Looking forward bright future. Most welcoming your school. I have seen my clients what I wasn't mr. bean and don't think. A piece of trash. Covered it is very open it. It took himself. They are no words to describe the horror of the images from that night. It feels to watch yourself beat dehumanized. The detective show you some of those photos and videos. The US and 42 jurors have now seen. Any kinds. And well I saw. When image after image. Mean genitalia. Covering entire spring and the screen. These stark. You are you waiting theaters all over the last permanent brain or brain. Witten multiple it preaching. Videos playing and I heard Olathe. Better than to grieving taunting voices. Larry. The images show and then starts flashing. The realistic vision evolved amazing being raped me that people can seen these close up images and buying. The unknown. Woman doesn't mean those thirty minutes there wasn't recorded. It is incomprehensible. Anyway who never stop it. And one point and I saw. When I first thought was intended woman's face. Suddenly overwhelmed by mean every family members court. And I realize that it's me. They take their picture right base during the rape. I was lifeless. And might be useless covered in something shiny. To recognize. Something permanent snaps that day. I felt myself detached from anybody. Now I feel like I am watching around this don't somewhere else. A part of me mountain. Simpson being a whole person with hopes and dreams about what's possible in the world was now Garnett. I thought my belief. That people are apparently good trick is a cruel joke in an instant. Even blamed myself for believing that people working on something like this and then the world isn't better please let it. When the treatment that I did wrong. Amber acting experience and I. Mr. green is to blame for his actions and his choices. I was 21 years old when this happens from 24 today. The horror of that night. All I wanted is for innocent me I'm me to be left alone. And to try and live my life in peace. But the processing it justice has just been and never ending constant mystery. This twist and it's also. I wonder. What's happening. Everything the defendant has done this canes in the media circus surrounding it. Have been in continuous destruction repeatedly dragged me back every singles I tried to take forward. I don't leave the defendant has intentionally wanted us to be used for Ferris for me it's possible. Part of the impact hasn't happened and we'll continue to have a my life is the media scrutiny. Invited by mister b.'s own high profile status and amplified by his own television interview is. What happened to me that hanging has been compounded by the live streaming sweeting in international dissemination of every detail of how I was degraded and humiliated for all posterity. In his intertechnology. Anymore. Ever me and my personal or professional life to learn that I am a rape victim. And indeed tells of the case before I even fully introduce the results of that is. There's no wavering to even know. At any given person they interact with dozens. This is something I now have to expect for the rest of my life. It is also hard for me official sighed and all the intense by the defendant. To misrepresent himself into spirit my character. He has I could stand here for hours talking about the impact of all the lives I had to sit in this courtroom. Do. Iron workers each and every one of them in every time it hurt me. In being the angry because I didn't have a voice and I couldn't say anything. Isn't even have to defend myself and even a bike path. Everything I share about -- here is European and by the national yet. Even so bad for the last your trials I think human fairness in here and listen to it. Part of me doesn't want to stay here for hours and hours and got there every single thing mr. Reid has done throughout this case. But the truth is that the focus never should have been out of me. I was conscious. I was driven and carried to the crime scene. The defendant was in complete stranger. Again the attack army didn't and that day because I really fits in every proceeding and in constantly experiencing additional attacks. The fact that I even had to grieve the same air as the men who did this to me ever again is unthinkable. But I have endured all this because of the dean tells Hillary verso current thick and there's so much you're usable evidence. I knew they had to be stopped in all accountable. Doesn't see Chris violent crime. And must receive the enhanced punishment it deserves. Any attention now that they would have justice did they went through the process. I am asking that mr. 25 years under the law. To set the amount of time that he will not be able to do this to another be done to deter others like him. In biggest on the particularly egregious nature of the rink itself. He did not commit just one act of violence against me. There are acts of sexual assault and rape committed by him and him alone. And there are senate acts of violence he was found guilty of committing it gets me. The sexual assault was not really a tank and mr. Beatty. If it's going to be isn't to greet me. You're. On my face. Well battery horrific racial hate speech. But suggested I deserved what humans do to me because of the color my skid. He did you. In no reliable let's. I don't ask for the maximum sentence of 25 years as is appropriate for the impact this is had. And we'll continue to have I'm me. Every single day for the rest.

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{"duration":"10:44","description":"Cory Batey watched the testimony during his sentencing hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40609476","title":"Dramatic Testimony From Vanderbilt University Rape Victim","url":"/US/video/dramatic-testimony-vanderbilt-university-rape-victim-40609476"}