'Dream Home' Threatened by Slow-Moving Landslide

Teresa Shaw fears her home will fall 200 feet down to the Pilchuck River.
1:48 | 11/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dream Home' Threatened by Slow-Moving Landslide
A recent show is thankful for her Turkey's. Thankful for her chickens at pretzel Paul Byrd geodesic dome home with a beautiful view. But she's not thankful for this this is the house eating yes for two years a huge slide has been developing behind her home. It's 200 feet down to the pill check river Palmer. Of the hillside has them. Thirty to forty feet. And she can hear and feel it move the whole house shake some rumbles and it's just horrifying now it's too close her garage got a limited access tagged by county inspectors yesterday. Look I do I hate hate seeing it I. Hope the rain rips it off she knows her home is soon to follow and I am devastated I am at this was our dream home her insurance company told her. They can't help because it's not flood insurance it's not earthquake insurance. It's erosion there is no coverage for Russian but she and her husband both corrections officers at the mineral penitentiary. Both military vets are not going to sit and do nothing taken up. And put her on either side of the strap way they want to move their garage and home all 400 feet away from the slowing but when they went to refinance their home to get the 150000 dollars to do it. The bank said no because FEMA recently designated their property. A potential slide zone. Something new because of the oh so slide it's asking a lot and it's hard to ask so they're turning to the public's health. The go find me campaign to raise the money because the bake the insurance company the county in FEMA won't help them. If I could just get 150000. People to donate one dollar. I could save my home snow race against time and mother nature and in the meantime we're just gonna hope we don't follow him to the field tech for.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Teresa Shaw fears her home will fall 200 feet down to the Pilchuck River.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27222957","title":"'Dream Home' Threatened by Slow-Moving Landslide","url":"/US/video/dream-home-threatened-slow-moving-landslide-27222957"}