Dumpster Diving Society

Sociology professor at Texas Christian University finds value in trashed items.
4:01 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Dumpster Diving Society
Don't ask Jeff here to define. Gun belonged to -- have a good time. -- that might be. Picked up I was -- here recently. His real passion. Is dumpster dive. -- like a comforter and inside the sun goes there pollster but actually although all the other reporters -- sheets and are bears are brown. As we take this home washed in hot water capital -- may be dry it is good isn't it. Here we go Ferrell checks dozens of dumpsters that day nice red roses -- -- we keep fresh flowers -- house armed uprising Halloween candy he lives off the urban environments you division division. -- -- the clothes she's wearing. Pulled right out of the trash. Ferrell calls scrounging for us today speeches look at guys I would need that -- that you know the -- on the but it but I -- -- And is as fearless as he is -- -- ago. He discovered a bag of leftover doughnuts. But made a few pieces of trash and a swarm of honey please enough lyzard -- these fifth at the he doesn't hesitate taking -- -- sure her. -- so that you describe any of these -- -- You can can -- if -- if there are. Problematic and the so men -- don't going to be here. I think this is not bad but it's got odd that they were better -- of beautiful of the dollar limit. There's that whole mythology that what's -- and there's this dirty but you know there's just a bag of donuts is not mixed with. You know cat -- order that your -- -- -- but the fact that this is my first got through donut. At 57 Jeff Ferrell is far from homeless we will have examples for the usual -- -- sociology. Professor TCU and Fort Worth about cats deductions -- crime as a Ph.D. And has written nine books. One about this called empire of this ground should I thought the -- -- kick ball well. A lifestyle he says that's growing right now because the economy. Isn't for me it's very much about Cuba brings out a landfill -- back -- circulation there's too much need these days three people barely making it let these companies go away Ferrell has rescued antique toys from the trash military knives from World War II. Old legal books and even bracelets jewelry and watches that work. Barrels backyard shed is stunning. It's a crowded nest of spare parts trinkets in tools entertain hammers to block -- -- -- all pull out of the trash -- sort of classic Texas he urges friends to shop here for free. Before a trip to Home Depot -- has been digging through four or garbage for more than a decade apartment complexes strip centers and even restaurants. He -- keep everything fines -- just way too much so it takes truck loads of items to local appeared if you like there. At age ninety Nadine Nichols runs -- hope of grace a small charity shop in central Fort Worth -- -- -- radio Ferrell has donated nine truckloads of things this year alone that he dug out of the garbage clothes lamps bulbs and baskets and a lot around their neck and arm. Are you serious serious. C exploring the alleys and garbage of Fort Worth -- proves we're -- highly disposable society. Blueberry don't -- what are pristine condition remember that. Dude we found I think taken dumpster -- -- -- party's -- wolves -- -- they liked it that -- -- -- word came from rob he'll make it does this barrel says he's never gotten sick eating out of the trash he selected. A -- -- scavenger the good example of what you look at or digging daily through what we discard highlighting how much we -- That's what he defines. As far. Jason white -- channel late this.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Sociology professor at Texas Christian University finds value in trashed items.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14885396","title":"Dumpster Diving Society","url":"/US/video/dumpster-diver-highlights-disposable-society-14885396"}