Dunwoody Day Care Killing: Wife's Story Questioned

Friend says Andrea Sneiderman knew about husband's death earlier than she claims
1:41 | 02/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dunwoody Day Care Killing: Wife's Story Questioned
Around 9:30 in the morning. -- and called us. And she called and said. Rusty and shop she was so so sorry. That she was going to -- women -- to -- -- Rusty Snyder men's father described how he found out his son had been shot on the morning of November 18 2010. A call from his frantic daughter in law while she was driving to the -- prep preschool she was just reminded -- reptiles that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But phone records show Andrea made that call the Don snyderman at 9:36 AM before she could have possibly made it to the crime scene in Dunwoody. Workers at the preschool register by phone at her opposite Marietta just eleven minutes earlier. Speaking to come here so. Trapped on and and a and it was relaxed and I don't know when these actions and he's having something to -- trustees did they -- any time to work. Lost her own testimony on Tuesday said she didn't find out what it happens your husband until much later. I -- what happened to rest until -- got to emergency. -- -- -- -- Her phone records show she was on the phone constantly during the drive but never tried to call her husband -- she -- six attempts to reach her boss having him -- there she also called his parents -- brother and several friends including -- -- Trent. Who also testified in -- told her rusty had been shot. Are you sure she said she was still on her way to the hospital. And she told you rusty had been shot at that time.

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{"id":15776852,"title":"Dunwoody Day Care Killing: Wife's Story Questioned","duration":"1:41","description":"Friend says Andrea Sneiderman knew about husband's death earlier than she claims","url":"/US/video/dunwoody-day-care-killing-wifes-story-questioned-15776852","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}