Georgia Day Care Killing: Widow Charged

Andrea Sneiderman is accused of conspiring with her co-worker to kill her husband.
3:00 | 08/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Georgia Day Care Killing: Widow Charged
Unaware of the eighteenth -- Newman shot and murdered -- -- A 36 year old businessman and -- father of two precious young children -- talking a lot of his son's daycare. In Dunwoody Georgia. -- -- at 10 AM it -- county grand jury returned an eight count indictment for his wife Sandra tonight. -- was placed under arrest early today and is currently being booked into the camp county jail. The indictment returned by the grand jury earlier today is being filed with the -- county superior court clerk now outlined in -- indictment. -- nineteen. I'm -- -- that nineteen page indictment are eight count that I along with chief assistant on here are prepared to argue that a court of law. Right now when it detail the sum of accounts and I'm sure you'll have -- indictment. In front -- you count one is -- violation of the Georgia racketeer influenced and corrupt. Organizations act better known as Rico. Count two it's criminal attempt to commit murder that -- criminal attempt to commit murder count three is malice murder. That's malice murder. Count four. Is insurance fraud. Count five and six are both making a false statement. Count seven and eight are both perjury. Now our collective goal is to continue to seek justice in this case and to preserve the public safety of our community. Not only for the -- and families and gentlemen but also for anyone who was lost a loved one in this county.

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{"id":16915686,"title":"Georgia Day Care Killing: Widow Charged","duration":"3:00","description":"Andrea Sneiderman is accused of conspiring with her co-worker to kill her husband.","url":"/US/video/dunwoody-georgia-day-care-killing-widow-charged-murder-16915686","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}