Eclipse leaves the continental US

ABC News' David Muir reports from Charleston, South Carolina, as the eclipse leave the U.S. and moves out to sea.
6:27 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for Eclipse leaves the continental US
I let us show you what we're seeing here. I think what I am dying man in Charleston. If you if you look up you can actually see right here. In South Carolina that is the view that we're looking at right here as we now approach. We have a minute 35 seconds to the next totality which is right where I'm standing. It of course Charleston we just wash it in Columbia the State Capitol and what an extraordinary sight they saw in that stadium. And I've got to tell you I'm surrounded by an entire an incredibly gifted crew. But no one is looking at me right now they are looking at the sky as they should be they are capturing the moment they all have the glasses on. And we are standing. On the people's building corporate enough air Charleston. And I mentioned earlier the program president tapped into disparate. The 1920s. Because it was one of the best views in this great American city and now we are taking it. The great American it lists. The final stop at a big city at least up here in the continental United States before. It's great American it clips heads out to sea it is pitch black. You've been here. Cheers throughout the city you probably can't here at home but you can hear it as we stand on the roof top of this building. We have gone into complete darkness. And we have watched this play out in so many cities across this country before you got to us. And there's nothing you can do to the airport it is just breathtaking. People or applauding. Throughout the ball over. It was so excited and so welcoming. Everyone who helped put this production together on this rooftop. If we can look up. And we could see. That we are now at a total eclipse. Can see the corona around. The sun. It's one of those rare moments. We are we here on earth. We can make and I can actually see that outer atmosphere of the sun. Which we also. Is a lot warmer than the sun itself. And we're of course waiting for as it now then comes out of totality in about 56. Seconds or so. We'll see that diamond ring again. NBC to play over and over again. The diamonds ring in the and Bailey's beads obviously named after Francis Bailey. The greatest drummer who first points. The sunlight keeping its way through the valleys and the creators of the moon. And that's what creates those beads that beat a defense. And here it comes. It got 25. Seconds left here in Charleston. And you can see how. In a bless the folks at Charles R&B feel because look at the cloud cover on the right screen you can see how many clouds are sky we did not know whether or not this would work for us. We're not. But we are seeing at we are seeing it it's quite it's quite visible to the naked eyes. We're watching this with so many scientists who joined us today former astronauts. Whatever in doctor Hakeem. Police say armed. And as you take in this image would us. A team what do you make of the fact that we have all been able to witness now the diamond ring received a flash of light. As now darkness. And night time turns back in the daylight here in Charleston when an extraordinary thing. The completely is and I've been chasing eclipses over a decade and typically is that places that are far flawed or all the world. Got to my guy in the South Pacific. And if a small group of people that travel all over the world to do that these but out here we've had one cold vehicles across America. The countries cope together and we all celebrate if there we've all participated. There's like a big sporting event except that the Big Five today. I've got to tell you hiking and I'm really struck by the law that kicked in across this. This continent from the West Coast to the East Coast you know with the exception of Nashville and they were such good sports about it. But you know the clouds parting ways just when it mattered most in so many of these cities along the path. To allow Americans see something that we haven't seen in 99 years you know we saw the last win 7938. Years ago. That was only part of the country but this is so unique it's only the United States you know we haven't thought that this alert at the ballot were calling it the great American eclipse. We're calling it that because only the United States. It's actually seen this today. That's right and what's amazing about it is that a goals from the west colts to the East Coast it is indeed a very very rare event. And here we are all to witness it. And we're at a time but we have all this technology. And this means that not only the people were all the line of totality get to see it but it gets to go to hold all around the world. Everyone gets to share in the excitement. Everyone gets to share in the beautiful views and if you're all the law a lot of totality you get the old experiences with the experience the sun. Going dark suited to experience the air that he couldn't live to see the shadow of the bull racing across the countryside I tell you it's really thought they. And if so amazing. You understand why people travel all over the world to see them. I'm what are those people and our big maybe more gonna be inspired to join us. You know really puts us at our place as far as. Our role Macau's most isn't it a fact that all here on earth are part of something much bigger. That's right rearm re are the universe itself right we're early universe become conscious and able to witness itself. A today we've witnessed something that's. You don't it is extraordinary you know we're really connect this to boost flooded the boat because it all started. At what we call the solar nebula and up the planet could dance. Eventually of humans came about and here we are to build instruments in order to see it and a witnesses. Not to say doctor we feel lucky right here. In Charleston as well to have witnessed both the lineup but the earth the moon and the sun in the way we haven't seen in our lifetime.

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{"id":49342606,"title":"Eclipse leaves the continental US","duration":"6:27","description":"ABC News' David Muir reports from Charleston, South Carolina, as the eclipse leave the U.S. and moves out to sea.","url":"/US/video/eclipse-leaves-continental-us-49342606","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}