Edward Snowden Defends Actions as the 'Right Thing'

The former NSA contractor charged with espionage said he would like to return to the U.S.
2:14 | 05/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Edward Snowden Defends Actions as the 'Right Thing'
The latest film war of words between NSA leaker Edwards Snowden and government officials after claiming to be -- former US -- Snowden is expressing his desire to come home but his comments -- met with a blunt response from secretary of state. ABC's Molly hunter has more. -- -- and it just wants to come home if I could go anywhere in the world that place would be home. On Wednesday he -- -- his first American television interview with the heat and BC in Moscow in. And -- and he remained cool that he's been coached and clearly aren't -- talking points. He made his case directly to the American people and he claims he acted as a patriot. But secretary of state -- side quite differently. We have evidence of people ordering. An additional danger because operational security has been breached because terrorists have. Learned firsthand about methods and mechanisms by which the United States collects intelligence. And so are. Our operations have been compromised it's plain and simple. Snowed in claims no lives were put at risk and no harm came to anyone -- his leaks. He said he was and still is serving his government that many call -- a trader and massive espionage charges were filed against noted including. Theft of government property where what is right. He's not the same as when -- legal. Sometimes to do the right thing you have to break -- law. Secretary -- fat also Snowden should man up and come back the United States. He's given a patriot would not run away now Snowden did concede that the NSA has been unfairly demonized. But during -- he showed no. For more you don't see much remorse in this -- did -- mention how many documents that he actually stole. He would not commit to a number and he'd -- in the -- NSA has no clip happening he stopped. That's just incredible are we going to get any more -- a candy thank. He hinted at there was more account and apparently going green -- actually told NBC that and then next thing he publishes could be his biggest yet. Seems like there's always something else coming out of -- to come home but he doesn't seem to be helping its. He was -- had and we thank you very much NBC's my only hope the report.

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{"id":23912865,"title":"Edward Snowden Defends Actions as the 'Right Thing' ","duration":"2:14","description":"The former NSA contractor charged with espionage said he would like to return to the U.S.","url":"/US/video/edward-snowden-defends-actions-as-the-right-thing-23912865","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}