Elderly Men Held Captive in Texas Home

Houston authorities allege the men were victims of a scheme to cash their public-assistance checks.
1:35 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for Elderly Men Held Captive in Texas Home
One by wind the alleged captives are taken away on stretchers they're sick. Malnourished and confused. Police say they were being held in this home against their will possibly for years. The doors were nailed shut were barred shot -- Small nails and one -- -- said they've been held there for a ten years and one of for a couple years and -- didn't know how -- -- -- Houston police say four men age 797465. And 54. Or forced to live in a converted garage in this north Houston -- -- Their alleged captor is in police custody. When something to think that he was this from picked up off the street -- recruited to come and stay here in exchange for beer and cigarettes in a place this day he had -- Turn over his Social Security check. To read the alleged victims were taken to the hospital the four. Vietnam War veteran Steven Davis refused medical treatment. It is that. I'm going to get -- in -- He did not. Yeah. I want to write real and the person had power of attorney I don't how that happened and he was able to actually. With the -- money from his veterans should be between 400 dollars a month. And suspect could give him sixty dollars. -- -- the Vietnam veteran he was being cut -- live you -- -- and I believe in no way they came from. Did you think he was on board yeah we did think it was coming up but didn't join it for quite a while I you know you see people making you don't see nobody -- you might -- -- Carson.

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{"id":19718750,"title":"Elderly Men Held Captive in Texas Home","duration":"1:35","description":"Houston authorities allege the men were victims of a scheme to cash their public-assistance checks.","url":"/US/video/elderly-men-held-captive-texas-home-19718750","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}