Elephant Mourns Dead Doggie Pal

Tennessee elephant sanctuary staff say Tarra is grieving the loss of a friend.
1:49 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Elephant Mourns Dead Doggie Pal
Well -- -- elephants never forgets that seem to be a case for elephant who will never forget the loss of her good friend. Happens to be its -- I notice odd couple lived at a sanctuary actually outside of Nashville and since Bell's death -- has been in noticeable morning. Here is WK -- Roxanne -- For the past eight years study elephant and -- the dog were inseparable. I suspected it. That small -- wonderful little animal brought out -- maternal instinct. In. And. Hence there was a match made in -- but now Ellison doggy heaven after elephant sanctuary and owners believed she was attacked by coyotes. Before -- -- body -- downs but caretakers they've only talked on the body first and -- -- with her trunk to the barn where they spent much of their time together. The idea that she couldn't be she couldn't leave -- body and brought it with a back and it's just heartbreaking but -- so inspiring. To help with the grieving process Tara has reached out to other elephants like 63 year old Shirley here behind me is that providing heart comfort and supports. The benefits -- each other. That's what's happening now is that in the time of grief she's turning to assistance and support and -- -- opens a good being and being found me help each other. Health care -- -- -- -- is quieter than usual and they can tell bella is still in her heart and on her mind. We know that she's gone back and is being seen near that is great which is -- -- remarkable but at the same time what elephants do elephants. Pay respect to their -- If there's a lesson learned in the tell of felons -- its French should -- down in the most unlikely places. He can be sure Tara sister elephants in caregivers will continue to take care of her just -- -- -- took care of each other.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"Tennessee elephant sanctuary staff say Tarra is grieving the loss of a friend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14868236","title":"Elephant Mourns Dead Doggie Pal","url":"/US/video/elephant-mourns-dead-doggie-pal-14868236"}