Elizabeth Smart's message to siblings allegedly held captive: "Life is not as dark'

"The human spirit is incredibly resilient," Smart said.
2:42 | 01/17/18

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Transcript for Elizabeth Smart's message to siblings allegedly held captive: "Life is not as dark'
When you're in a situation where you're behind me manipulated where you've been tortured like where your being hurt and especially for these children. These adults children who have been abused and manipulated and tortured. Probably their whole life it isn't just as easy is like jumping in the car and driving away your brain. Does not think that way. You go into a survival mode where you do what ever it takes to survive so. Made it easily children sure they have cars maybe they couldn't drive to the store strike back at him now. But you're not thinking Norman my car I can just drive away nine you're thinking I've got to go back I've got to survive I've got to do everything that I can to live another day. And we don't know what. Threats they might have given what they might have told them what was holding them back that's really not for us to question well it would be so easy you just to go away because. Truthfully it's not means speaking as one who has and physically change up. And as one who has also been. Held by chains of manipulation threats. I would tell you every day of the week at the chains of manipulation and threats. Are so much stronger than actual physical chains if me very difficult for them moving forward but. I hope that they find those people in their lives that can help them because. Whenever I speak and interact with other people. I always say family does not always mean blood Stanley. They are the ones that love you that stick up for you that that protecting that take care need to help you live every day. And they're the ones you can turn to. In trouble so moving forward but I hope that especially d.s older children did. The adult that they find their famine that they find people that they could turn to that they can trust that they can lean on as they. Before that they can find the support because that is so important in trying to recover and to build a life of their around. I would want them to know. Bit they survive they did it and that life is not as dark and as terrible as it has been. Probably for their entire life that various happiness in the future and that they can go on to have wonderful lines this does not have to be. The rest of their life that they're the ones that decide we all of us have a story we all of us how have. Our demons are our nightmares are our troubles. But it's not what happens to you. That defines who you Laurie may shape you it's certainly will mold you might. Absolutely affect the direction of your life. But that does not have to define. You can still move toward what ultimately defines you are the choices that you me.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"\"The human spirit is incredibly resilient,\" Smart said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52404046","title":"Elizabeth Smart's message to siblings allegedly held captive: \"Life is not as dark'","url":"/US/video/elizabeth-smarts-message-siblings-allegedly-held-captive-life-52404046"}