Kevin Ware After Injury: 'Job Ain't Done Yet'

University of Louisville basketball player, sidelined with broken leg, will travel with team to Final Four.
2:08 | 04/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Ware After Injury: 'Job Ain't Done Yet'
Less -- three days after suffered a compound fracture in an NCAA tournament game. Louisville's Kevin where is up and talking talking about his future -- say that he could be playing again in less than a year. He's also talking about his teammates will be traveling with -- of the final four in Atlanta. And now like in the moments after his injury he has a message. -- limit everything. They went up into -- me you know. A justice. This this this is words can't explain you know. Eight book of of those guys and you know of legitimate the world the that a bit of and that. At his cape town of the -- day you know. He had to -- went. Who have become in this. It. This -- our approach. Best in us -- about it we. We pushed as hard -- additionally and get in the war over -- -- -- tournament. We knocked off and seeing T he knocked off Colorado State knocked -- you do. Every optical that they can put in front as we can -- and we can handle like probes are asleep and those guys you know it some -- doesn't work. Compete that's that's -- -- -- you know he's he's really matured me on and -- another level this morning -- best. He's really got that through me. If I never -- investment in equipment still wouldn't be sentenced. We can't. Kevin where speaking to ESPN's Reese Davis today Louisville politically Wichita State on Saturday in the first national semi final and where. Will be with his team.

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{"id":18871688,"title":"Kevin Ware After Injury: 'Job Ain't Done Yet'","duration":"2:08","description":"University of Louisville basketball player, sidelined with broken leg, will travel with team to Final Four.","url":"/US/video/emotional-kevin-ware-basketball-injury-job-aint-done-18871688","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}