Engagement Photo Shoot Turns Into Creek Rescue

Bride-to-be jumped into action after she noticed a young boy struggling to keep his head above water
1:57 | 07/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Engagement Photo Shoot Turns Into Creek Rescue
On the banks of the ways they can -- in Fairmont park Saturday 830 year old -- salmon. And 32 year old Matt Warner of -- -- this three hour charges just a perfect indigenous photos it was hot and humid. -- awful in the sun but timing is everything seconds after this snapshot that little boy on the rocks stepped into the waters. Obviously struggling get back to the surface. His head went back -- he was bobbing up and down I knew that he was going under before her fiance photographer could -- make a move. Becky jumped into the creek fully close if I have my wedding dress on that -- that's what I would have been in the water. The man behind the camera when Moore Montgomery County photographer can -- burger captured images of the dramatic rescue. Matt said hey we gotta get him you know and I turned -- right. And Becky she's out of her -- she's doing that the dive right that a water threw his arms over my head where we where I had to -- him I grabbed him. I am pulled him up -- -- -- government shut and just communities and magazines and drying up joining us got the all our recent rains the water level it hit him. Or even murkier the -- to be says she knew she had to act fast or that little boy most likely would never be seen alive again. She's been very humble through this process. And she's not wanted to take -- credit -- she deserves but she she definitely deserves the recognition. The -- girl's mother frantically rush into the waters thankful for signs guardian Angel. By the way Becky just happens to be trained lifeguards and a paramedic in Montgomery County -- -- -- Let me MT and oh yeah the photographer it's also a paramedic. Once your audience you throw out -- an emergency services you don't -- you react -- what you're Cheney -- -- didn't get their names that found out the boy and his family were visiting from airline. With the conditions of -- Florida waterways she says her memorable engagement photographs should serve as a reminder to all parents. -- -- channel six action news.

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{"id":19573401,"title":"Engagement Photo Shoot Turns Into Creek Rescue","duration":"1:57","description":"Bride-to-be jumped into action after she noticed a young boy struggling to keep his head above water","url":"/US/video/engagement-photo-shoot-turns-creek-rescue-19573401","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}