Missing Marine's Wife Loved Horses

White Rock Horse Rescue founder Isabel Megli says Erin Corwin adopted one of the horses.
1:24 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Missing Marine's Wife Loved Horses
Aaron in action -- -- nine upon her husband from Tennessee -- came here to find -- horse. I'm here -- enjoy yourself -- -- right. She took responsibility. For rescue force. And had her here and she didn't move her to training palms marine base -- she left vs. And that's what we do here to rescue mission and that's it was very impersonal manner husband -- -- -- -- -- Wasn't a place that they stayed. Long time periods of time. Here two hours the weekend prison. Is wonderful. He was very good to me and he did I didn't nice things. She is incredible. -- -- -- -- -- -- to reach an idiot if you mean. Campaign her hunky what you. I was unaware of any of that. Think ten 212. Even though there -- about ideas about that Levy he might -- responsible. Are looking at him. That would -- -- even crossed my mind.

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{"id":24700367,"title":"Missing Marine's Wife Loved Horses","duration":"1:24","description":"White Rock Horse Rescue founder Isabel Megli says Erin Corwin adopted one of the horses.","url":"/US/video/erin-corwin-missing-marines-wife-loved-horses-white-24700367","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}