Escort Ads Linked to Dead Women

Three of the four Detroit victims advertised their escort services online.
1:43 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Escort Ads Linked to Dead Women
This tie up for us is is is disconcerting. We. I can't tell you how to care to -- about respect we're stopping short. -- any kind of serial pattern but for women are dead all killed on Detroit's. East side their bodies found beginning on December 19. In a car parked in the 141900. Block of -- -- -- on the east side near outer drive and Chalmers. Then just four blocks north on -- Four or five days later also on the east side to more women found dead. Their bodies in -- trunk of a vehicle that was burning when the fire department arrived. Three of the four offered themselves as escorts on the adult services portion of the back page web site with the vast. Increase and use -- social media and Internet we must continue to be vigilant in identifying any web site. Which may potentially poles a threat to individuals. The victims' relatives have been notified police believe now is the time to warn potential users of dating web sites especially this one. We felt it is imperative to alert the public -- deciding to meet. -- -- purses via the Internet. Can it can be extremely dangerous. We implore it would be careful and always let someone know exactly where they're going -- -- If you're raging something do -- in a public place. So far the Detroit police department is not releasing the names of the victims nor are they discussing just how their investigation will proceed from here. And if all -- horrible deaths will be linked. In the newsroom Phil proctor seven action news.

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{"id":15239611,"title":"Escort Ads Linked to Dead Women","duration":"1:43","description":"Three of the four Detroit victims advertised their escort services online.","url":"/US/video/escort-ads-linked-to-dead-detroit-women-15239611","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}