Two Former Escorts and Their Mother Discuss Role in Louisville Basketball Scandal

The Powell family sheds light on what happened during the alleged "turn up" events.
7:44 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for Two Former Escorts and Their Mother Discuss Role in Louisville Basketball Scandal
It's sex scandals in college basketball history is happening right now at the university of LaBelle. Allegations of strippers hired to dance and have sex with players and prospective recruits at parties. The women say were organized and paid for by former director of basketball operations Andre McGee today. We are talking to a mother her two daughters who claim that up until a year ago they were escort hired for these parties however went please welcome. Could Tina Powell and her daughters Lindsay. A copy and Cuttino I ask you I think the big question that everyone asks right now is. Why would sure motivating. Factor you blew the whistle on what was going nine you kept. Logs of what was going on so what the intentions what are your intentions of releasing this information now and writing. Book about it. Law first stop call the NCAA. And I taxes tell him my story and that Arabs as I know what should I do. Who should I go to and who could out talk too but they wouldn't give me any assistance the innovated wanna talk they want to hear about a college basketball team. So I'd be sad it's the book publishing company and write a book. See you contacted B and the NCAA and they did nothing about it did nothing and what did you want to tell them they did you only because he's out every one. That was going through this he said that everyone was of legal age and they were willing party so what did you want to report you were blowing the whistle on what was going on. Out a really wanna some assistance you know some direction as to what what I do collect couple who cannot talk to. Did you not to tell my stories. But is it seemed like no one would listen to me because you know when his college basketball and nobody wants to hear any of that so. I had no choice you know went on Iran I neck. The same time I feel I did something happened to me to you want to start telling stories. About what was going on did it to something or riot like. Why did you ultimately come out. He doesn't like that has in some some situations people have confidentiality agreements and see you can't speaks I was just wondering liked it somebody. Chichi wrong and that's why you are looking into whether tarsala buck Philip. Aren't there unpleasant. Because you took copious notes the whole time it you know the whole time that you're one day going to come forth with the story. Now that that wasn't the plane and it wasn't that act I always like us Alex kept journals are always forgot everything and document everything that I've done so. Act act kept journals just too far mop own protection in case anything came out or anything happened are. You know someone sit that this didn't happen I have not I'll protect you also see you not in addition to having sex of the players who also had sex with their parents. Are you saying that the parents knew that this kind of activity was going on as well yeah. While. We have a somebody in our audience Mary mother who's actually your attorney and I find that very interesting that there is no legal things going on right now this is a very. You know touchy topic and can you explain why there's nothing how. Most importantly that the crimes that are curb. And selling sex for money in Kentucky's a classic misdemeanor which means the statute of limitations for prosecuting that is a year. In in the bigger potential crime would be promoting prostitution. And that would be a class. But our position is if they're going to try to prosecute ms. Powell. Then they need to prosecute mr. McGhee as well because mr. McGee also participate about. Contacting this help paying for of the parties and paying for ultimately good the provision of sex so our position is that the commonwealth in Turkey wants to prosecute someone they need to prosecuted basketball coach him as part. He achieved strong Latin didn't do anything right. What pitino pitino saying that he bet he knew nothing but let let me just double just my husband coached basketball played basketball he says that. This is nothing in this is that going that he had to recruit. He I'm not saying he didn't heated participate in any of us but he's heard about Harry's drinking prostitution and fifteenth but I want top to you girls. What that atmosphere like you're talking loud music Saxony you're in a dorm on campus. Turn up at what was that like what was gaps. Thank. You learn bank my 2000 that you see every day but at the end of the daylight. Everybody was grown so it was just something fun to do it with everyone aware in that dorm what was going up. Well being and I let anyone know where like what was going to light garlic fact though that like Adam are getting paid to have sex at these acts. Yet not even that he always that it that we were away by militant brand and people in the door but I'm saying what what was it pretty old art what was going on at. Why did she want to bring your daughter's into the situation. I. See I didn't or my daughter's brought herself into the situation Abd Afghan this is 2000 you know I've dealt with. U of L since 2000 T in by the artist income in the patient it pitcher and killed late 2013. So. About it obvious yet you know about it but it was fine and the girls that I had Domonique they Wear that basically dark ages and the best ballplayers Wear their ages and was eluding you picked on for years before twenty tended you have girls worked with. Before this scandal and now he used it was fun it was fun for everybody balked they. For the party names as fly in around basketball player things like sounds fun. And I'm sorry but just let it come apart People Magazine Mars. I don't know I'm knitted a big deal you know RB woman is. I rewind that everybody went right so. But it ended today is not heads BAA. As people think if there was little sideways you guys still talk to you need the basketball players that you have sex with Steve you have sex with more than one. Now now and only happen and onetime McIntyre. I've got to get this and we reach out to the university of limb of the NCAA and Andrei McGee's attorney they all declined to comment due to the pending investigation but I want to ask you one last time I mean. Do you think that that Rick Pitino was aware of what was going on I was at don't ask don't talent just turn here turn here yeah your cheek the other way dusty thinking you'll cry as Andrea was then in the hall at a party Monday and I asked images he and I and I as the must fit. What does the teen pop baptists in he looked he says he's raped she knows about everything so how much supposed to take you win. You're up under rate game. You fit that Rick knows and they knew that. All these players the so loyal to pitino they heard the music know the parties are going normalcy the strippers. Coming they see all of this schools not gonna go back and say. Rate you know there are some strippers and loud music in girls taken to close off but as far as you know under I was the only one that had was bid had direct ties to the university. He was coordinating all of this correct only the only administrator credit. That I knew. And that RA. So so I just want to ask you one more time this is all about the book trio. At all about the money. It comes well he is is this about the book and the money I will be line of us that it wasn't but. You know it I think people get down the wrong perception it is is like. Banks meet because of what I've done but the big picture is. Do you watch it shall become the college and you know as a young boy and leave as a as a as a grown man wait you know two girls. You know it it was just it was what it was. These are overlooking the bigger picture you have like a fair everybody played their party may have by. I mean forgot that he birthday kids to university things. You're not even Karen about the fact that this happy ending no telling what else happens you know faced caught us what else are they doing now. They'd overlook inactives that now look how bad as people we are ways you know you don't know people do go aspect that's fair where I know. I what you said and yet you said that they were all willing parties look at Tina Lindsay. Rodney we want to thank them for comment and it and face it off and facing.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"The Powell family sheds light on what happened during the alleged \"turn up\" events. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34688614","title":"Two Former Escorts and Their Mother Discuss Role in Louisville Basketball Scandal","url":"/US/video/escorts-mother-discuss-role-louisville-basketball-scandal-34688614"}