Evacuations ordered in California amid mudslide and flash flood fears

Up to 10 inches of rain have fallen in the past eight days.
2:33 | 11/29/18

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Transcript for Evacuations ordered in California amid mudslide and flash flood fears
Turning now to that California. And heavy rains which bring with them the threat of mudslides in the wake of those wildfires which have. Cleared out so much of the brush. In parts of Southern California and northern California. We're gonna turn to reporter room Mina who got standing by. Is it near Malibu you are. I did it wearing a gore hills aware the woolsey's fires swept through just earlier this month. And devastated and damaged so many homes like the one behind me. But you can see there burnt down car is still. In the driveway. And over here you can see a bird trampoline. In what was this family's yard. And it started raining here last night it's been raining a rain all day until the early evening. And not can be catastrophic for areas like these because of the threat of mudslides and flash floods. The Jerry is covered in ash which prevents rain from fully absorbing into the soil. And that. Can cause a month site to roll and rushed down hills. Like of these Pepperdine University just closed for the day we've seen car accidents across California like I said it's just. It's go any heavy air throughout the day until later tonight when it lets up but the threat is it necessarily. For homes that have burned already like this one but it like me is that survived the fires that are now facing a second threat. Other mudslides and flash floods. That could potentially destroy their homes likely sign on the C you know earlier this year. Can be catastrophic dangerous and we saw on our way here a couple rock slides already. And Stanley and people are putting out sandbags trying to protect their homes doing what they can luckily it'll hopefully clear up by later today. And it uncovered some of these things before myself and it is. Hard to describe in advance the once you see it he'll never forget it it's almost like a tsunami of mud. Sweeping away entire neighborhoods and it is a real threat especially in some of those heavily populated areas that were hit so hard by the fires. Are people. Taking this in stride what is there what is the the mood on the ground imagine they just must be exhausted. I think they are exhausted the fires were just a couple weeks ago. But they are prepping their homes like I said they're putting sandbags out. Just hoping that if there are flash floods and mudslides that they will be guided away from their homes and homes like these that survived that first threat of a fire we'll hopefully survive this second threat. All right remain a food and thanks very much for keeping us up to date on that.

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{"id":59498077,"title":"Evacuations ordered in California amid mudslide and flash flood fears","duration":"2:33","description":"Up to 10 inches of rain have fallen in the past eight days.","url":"/US/video/evacuations-ordered-california-amid-mudslide-flash-flood-fears-59498077","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}