Evacuations, Rescues Amid Heavy Rainfall in Southern Calif.

Officials rescue a man and two dogs from the L.A. River as heavy rain pounds the West Coast.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Evacuations, Rescues Amid Heavy Rainfall in Southern Calif.
This is a special. -- from the ABC. You'll -- a -- Los Angeles has not seen -- very long time that. That -- the swollen LA river just -- ago it was. The dried up concrete were now raging waters a rainstorm moving over much of -- wrenching. Drought stricken LA. Good afternoon everyone I'm -- Cutler in New York which is ABC's -- special report and a storm that's hitting Southern California today. After latest on -- Andorra -- which is north of Los Angeles and ABC's of stone standing by there and -- there's a song from 1972 about how it never rains in Southern California -- to true though. Up until today weather conditions right now. Yeah -- definitely rains in California I can tell you that today Dan and it's lightened up -- you can see it says still wet out here it's still raining but. I short time ago it was pouring out here it got quite having a couple hours ago and then it's lightened up again and it's supposed to get heavy again so. Hi this is just a little bit of a -- but it has been very very wet today there are warnings here about. Potential thunderstorms potentially even water -- tornadoes over the water. -- off the coast of Southern California. Quite a bit of we're seeing here mudslides flooding. That this is at the store met with predicted it has been a rough storm. Dominic -- the sandbagging behind you there and obviously we see those back loaders pulling all of that -- and things that they try to build up -- but. What are people what are they being advised to do -- they told to get out -- -- neighborhoods. Well you know we even. -- to evacuate from where we were earlier today because mud started coming down those were in evacuated neighborhoods. They've got these sandbags you can see behind me here they've got the concrete. Barriers that -- placed the city has put out. They're hoping that that's going to be enough to protect the homes but there are a number of neighborhoods in this area of Glendora. That are evacuated right now people were told they needed to get out last night. Most did not everybody did those who stuck around said they didn't want to leave their homes and police said they were gonna drag anybody out. But they told -- look it may be search and rescue who asked to come in and get you if these hillsides starts sliding and we do know there have been at least two mudslides already. That having caused a lot of damage but a lot of -- a lot of debris has come down. One just down the street from where I am this way one that way these two mudslides in different areas of Glendora. Those -- and mudslides made all the worse obviously because the fires that have been happening there which obviously takes -- all vegetation that hold any of the ground in place and great obviously the prizes in scenic. Aside from a sandbag and we -- -- what -- -- people doing to prepare. Well they they did what they could to get their homes ready -- people -- -- sandbags they did use a concrete barriers I've seen plywood of people put -- I would try to block water they've been out with their shovels today. As the mod has started to come down doing whatever they could do at the time many of them had have been evacuate. There are emergency shelters that are -- in the area signs around here telling people where to go to find those emergency shelters. But those who did evacuate there is nothing they can do now they're out. They can't get back in at this point because a police barricades and they're hoping their homes are -- the good news is right now. We don't know of any damage to our homes so it seems like their homes are OK we haven't seen any any damage but there's still a lot of rain left to go here. And with the mudslides beginning it's a fear of what could come next. And we're taking a look we just had an aerial shot of our chopper that's going over the area they have it we can see on the rights ever screen there. That appears to be a river rescue again the swollen LA river in the picture there -- looks like some people clinging to some bushes off. The San Fernando road in cypress park are you -- or any other warnings we will stay away from the river stay with us flooded streets. -- the Los Angeles police department has been saying please especially to school children when they get out of school today school hasn't been canceled their classes today. When they get out please stay away from rivers especially the LA river that is. Essentially a concrete river through much of LA. Where it seems like there are always rescues everytime it rains here. It has been raining so hard today that they have been told stay away you don't need to -- look at the river you could fall and you don't need -- be playing in the water. I hear in this area. I'm not so much about the rivers the more stay away from the areas -- flood -- said could come up where mud could come down. -- at the normal things don't drive through standing water. But generally just be Smart about it. And stay away from areas that -- you could get -- to trouble and could hurt yourself so a bit below right now bit of a break in the weather but how long is it expected to last once it does pick back up again. You know hard to say this is expected to go for at least the rest of today into tomorrow. And then as some scattered showers through Sunday were looking at right now. So this is not over yet and the people who live around here know that so they're not gonna get back in at least right now because it's still raining here and even though it has. Tapered off a little bit we expected to pick back up even today. That there are still at least several hours left of what could be heavy rain that has officials worried that has people who live here worried as well. A bit too much rain just too soon from all that drought stricken conditions there ABC's Al style reporting and Glendora California out thank you that we appreciate it. I know what it turned activist Jennifer Correia who has been tracking a storm Jennifer. Dan the storm that's hitting California is bringing in a much needed rainfall but in fact this is causing also problems flooding problems. High risk for also some mud flow across the foothills. Just outside of Los Angeles but here's the big picture this storm. Could see lots of greens and blues in the Sierra that's the snow but the rain continues to pour -- -- And Los Angeles -- over the foothills and the -- and we are picking up a lots of brain the past 24 hours Los Angeles has picked up over one and a half inches of rainfall we're expecting another inch at least by the end of today. And even more by tomorrow but. You can see here in this upper level low spinning and it is pushing a further two and that east and that's still hasn't a rides but when he dies. It is gonna bring in cooler air aloft mixing it with the warm air from the -- an -- surface. So -- tomorrow as that low pressure system and tears on the coast. It is going to bring us also some strong thunderstorms along with showers. But this is for tomorrow so the rain continues -- -- Nile taper off -- -- And then again tomorrow with thunderstorms threatening Los Angeles southward into San Diego causing damaging winds and flooding. But we have to continue keeping an eye out for this same storm because. It is heading to the east but first -- Saturday Los Angeles picking up between two to four inches of rainfall locally. -- picking up up to eight inches maybe even ten inches in some spots. -- -- will push out into the plains and then into the northeast starting. -- later Saturday afternoon Sunday and into early next week I had and that -- -- -- bring an end the threat of severe thunderstorms for the south. From Dallas to Houston into Arkansas and Louisiana so this is starting on Sunday. But we also have the snow starting in the central plains. -- later Saturday night into Sunday as well with an icy mix that will push shop today -- as we head into. Early next week and there's a snow lots of snell from Kansas City -- Indianapolis. Six to twelve inches and then in the northeast we're looking -- more than any but a -- right now. These accumulations might change because it all depends. When a cold day areas and how further south it goes of course they goes further south will see more -- If -- states further to the north will see more snow in the northern section send more ice on the southern parts which could also impact our morning Camille. Monday -- Washington. Data back to you in New York. All right Jennifer thank you from that from AccuWeather has -- eighties officials report -- -- a storm that is going to make its way across the nation. More details -- ABC's -- conference on Dan -- New York.

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{"id":22722996,"title":"Evacuations, Rescues Amid Heavy Rainfall in Southern Calif.","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials rescue a man and two dogs from the L.A. River as heavy rain pounds the West Coast.","url":"/US/video/evacuations-rescues-amid-heavy-rainfall-southern-calif-22722996","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}