Evangelical outlet calls for Trump's removal

President Donald Trump reacts to the popular Christian magazine’s op-ed calling for his removal by the Senate.
7:14 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for Evangelical outlet calls for Trump's removal
Christianity today major evangelical publication. Which was founded by the reverend Billy Graham published this scathing editorial about the president overnight you see here at its website calling for president truck to be removed from office. Saying his actions are profoundly immoral and cannot. Be ignored we have some excerpts here on the screen. Catherine folders you've been reporting on this story striking. To see it very favorable unfriendly publication to the president to be taking this line the end this is pretty remarkable especially since president troubled 2016. I got 81%. The evangelical vote and other Pacific from this article it speaking of the president says quote. That the president is a quote near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused. And they also capitalized on they Ukraine matter many many influences form power in terms of holding a a military aid and called for his removal from office is pretty remarkable I'm. And I ended this. Getting under the president's skin he was tweeting out of this morning saying this is this. So far left publication it it's not. And they are listening to the concerns of other evangelical leaders around the world have been. Alarmed. Their way in which evangelical christianity. Seems to be coming across these days. Why what how influential is this publication do you have a sense of that it is in mainstream publication as you say. But the president is as we just saw NetSuite trying to do denigrate the publication calling it an an extremist when you get a sense. Does he carry much weight in the Christian community. It certainly does carry tremendous weight and it is. I didn't really believe flagship publication of American evangelical isn't. And they are pretty careful to represent the mainstream evangelical thought which is why incidentally they don't mostly publish about politics. Mostly publish about them and things evangelicals are concerned about. Which is that to say trying to communicate to the world message about the love of Jesus Christ as we read in the Bible. And we just heard alluded to there 80%. White Christian evangelicals backed the president in 2016 right now. A new poll from NPR PBS. Fight 75%. Of those same voters approve of the president. So far this behavior notwithstanding Ben Siegel you've been out there on the campaign tell a good bit you've covered this group. Why are they so happy with the president went what is it about his policies that is an remaining. Describe the legislation that he's introduced to the policies and regulations this administration has done president trump has done more. The evangelical movement is in this country the argument goes and any other Republican president. A lot of winds judges on the courts as well he's had tremendous success there and those those numbers and that record speaks for itself. And it just to put does it back. Opinion this opinion editorial in the context this is not the first editorial call for president trumps impeachment we've seen dozens and dozens of newspapers do that over the course the weak throughout the country. But president Trump's support has a remain incredibly durable with this movement and his supporters. And support for impeachment we've seen actually trickle down a little bit nationally so that the papers out there are across the spectrum I've said this is a beyond the pale his supporters are staying with him. And of course the vice president is an incredibly popular surrogate for him. We've in this community pastor Cummings. Why a lot of people maybe who aren't evangelical Christians wonder. How can these this group of voters be so supportive of the president. And despite his shortcomings the did the language he uses the bullying just this week of on credit Bloomberg on the cover of time magazine. Onboard or what is your sense of why he has staying power in light of his behaviors. Battle of personalities say I was appalled by his bullying immigrated to hamburger reserved. A leader young leader in my greatly admire. Actually I'm I think those statistics are little bit misleading. Because basically. We virtually going to ask. White people are you evangelical. And then you extrapolate what this is what evangelicals bank but evangelical ism is a very diverse a movement. It's huge numbers of African American evangelicals and Latino evangelicals and Asian American evangelicals and in the conversation with evangelicals around the world American evangelicals and doesn't speak for world evangelical as a huge. And I'm. And Russell more of these Southern Baptist Convention once memorably went out it doesn't. People who self described as evangelical that's not how evangelical define the term evangelical a lot of people who answer culture saying I'm an evangelical. Is likely on a Sunday morning to be drunken bar as in the use of an evangelical church. I'm so I don't think that that does represent an accurate a picture of what people who are evangelical followers of Jesus Christ. Really do hold his political views. And yes there are some who have voted for president competent and some who voted against him and a lot of diversity and a lot of mixed feelings. In evangelical community about president trump. That did the reason why those evangelicals. Who are committed and Joseph locals. Do vote for president trump. Is because they're concerned mainly about two issues one is via abortion issue and the other is religious liberty. And I think can have. Speaking as somebody who I've I've spoken out repeatedly. In opposition president trump. It is nonetheless alarming to evangelicals. That to the Democratic Party seems to be having less and less tolerance for. The existence of pro life. Democrats in the end in their ranks. I'm on the religious liberty issue I think people are evangelicals who are supporting president Gerber just plain wrong because. Jesus said. You have to do I do and others as you'd want them to do unto you. You can't say we're defending religious liberty for Christians while denigrating Muslims and Jews I just not okay according to Jesus. Yeah it's it did it it's an incredibly fascinating dynamic with that group of orders and as you see Democrats have a that of a problem with that. Constituency. As well although we have seen faith. Become much more prominent talk on the campaign from Joseph coming pastor of the international church you university thanks so much happy holidays to you and your.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"President Donald Trump reacts to the popular Christian magazine’s op-ed calling for his removal by the Senate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67860605","title":"Evangelical outlet calls for Trump's removal","url":"/US/video/evangelical-outlet-calls-trumps-removal-67860605"}